Hi, I’m Neal G. Brownell and my life has taught me that people are good, people are really good. I have known this since I was a young boy. At that time I started searching for a way I could tell people how amazing they are. Five years ago, when I was 55 years old, I finally got the answer but it came in a very strange way. That revelation is what led me to write You’re Amazing And I”ll Prove It!


Neal G Brownell is a multi-faceted individual. Being an inventor at heart, his interests are many. What makes him the happiest though is bringing out the special gifts in a person that they might not have even realized were there.

This is what led him to write his book, You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It! It engages readers of all ages to the point that they internalize, understand, believe, and then are able to act on the knowledge that all people are exceptionally special. You’re Amazing asks questions you probably never even thought of asking to show the reader that each and every one of us has extraordinary gifts given to us at birth. Entwined with the questions are also real-life stories about seemingly unremarkable people doing extraordinary things.

Neal was born in Wichita, KS. His parents worked for Boeing and it was like having parents in the military, because Boeing moved them frequently. Before he was 11 he had lived in Kansas, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania, finally settling in Millbrook, NY at the age of 11. There is a story about Neal’s younger years in the book that gives you more insight into why he wrote You’re Amazing. 

Neal is the inventor of “The Bandit ™”, a basketball shooting accuracy trainer that puts your arm in the proper shooting position every time. This device can be used by beginners and advanced players as well. For ten years he and his late wife Debra ran Brownell Enterprises, selling The Bandit ™ and a number of programs he wrote to coach kids interested in playing basketball. He has also coached basketball on an individual basis. Neal strongly believes that sports are extremely beneficial for a child’s development – both physically and mentally.

Neal loves helping people to better their lives. He currently lives in the Catskills with second wife, Linda and their two Pit Bull mixes: Mercy and Mr. Brown. At a time when we as a people are dividing ourselves in every conceivable way, Neal G. Brownell’s book, You’re Amazing, brings a timeless message of love and understanding. The message that You’re Amazing conveys is the importance of not only accepting the people around you, but also the vital importance of accepting yourself.