Ongoing Reviews

I am so thankful that I found your talk! The girls loved it & we had some great conversations on the ride back!  

Barb Felton, Counselor, ARC – Sheldon Hill Residence

In a time when learning tolerance is needed more than ever, Neal presents the concept using language that is clear and relatable.


I am not much of a reader.  However I did get a copy of the book “You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It” and I did read it.

I found it not only very informative but easy to read and interesting.  The very good thing about it is no matter the age of the reader, they will find it an excellent read. I highly recommend it to anyone.

—-Perry – Parent, Grandparent, and Great-Grandparent

I believe there is a war out there between love and fear, ignorance and enlightenment, and that we are all soldiers in that war. Your book is a reflection of the goodness in your hearts.– thank you both for fighting the good fight!

—-Dan Drews

I wanted to say thank you for having the presentation last night. I am so glad that I stayed with my son.  

I have to say…. both my boys were able to relate to the story, in one way or another. It generated great conversations. They liked it so much that they both wanted a book.

Thank you again.

—-Parent who attended 1-7-19 class at St. Mary of The Snow, Saugerties, NY

This book does not just present reading material, it makes you think and discover that although your perception of subjects may be different than others, it is just as important as any other. We are all great in our own way. This is what gives us purpose and allows us to learn from each other.  

—Cheryl Schuman