Hi, this is Lady Linda. Speeches and podcasts are coming at us all at the same time. I wanted to let you know that because, as we have told you before, we are only a Mom and Pop business with help at times in certain areas from wonderful friends. So we can only do so much.

At this point Neal has a school board speech that we are preparing that has props and that requires a lot more time. Also, there is a podcast that we have to prepare a recording for where Neal has to answer several questions. That is something that is a first for us and we will get it, but it takes time once again.  

Neal also edits the school board speeches so that we can share them with you on his Neal Brownell The Crazy Inventor YouTube channel. Therefore, we wanted to let you know that Neal has not had the time to write a story. He values the fact that you are followers of his blog, so he wanted me to let you know what was happening. Have an awesome Thanksgiving with your family and friends. He will see you in two weeks and let you know all about our adventures.

The beautiful young lady in the photo above is our granddaughter. We can’t believe she is already learning to drive.

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The Doorway – To A Lifetime Of Freedom

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The Doorway – To A Lifetime Of Freedom was written for all those people who are carrying life-long baggage that they have accumulated from abuse, bullying, bad relationships, and other traumatic events.

For the first time in history science has proven that you no longer have to carry your accumulated baggage. Unlike all the generations that came before us, now you can put it down and leave it behind for good.

The Doorway – To A Lifetime Of Freedom uses both simple scientific techniques and shares deep life-altering personal experiences.  It shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can easily overcome all your obstacles, whatever they may be, so you can achieve your life-long dreams!

Hi, I’m Neal Brownell The Crazy Inventor.

You might be asking yourself, how do I know that these scientific techniques work? I know because these were the techniques that were used on me to get past the enormous baggage that I used to carry.

Baggage such as being taught by the very people that were supposed to love me the most that I was worthless, having these same people rent me out to a pedophile so they could make money, as well as other abuses. If these techniques got rid of the enormous trauma I was carrying, just think what they will do for you.

Readers of The Doorway have been known to experience more fulfillment and happiness than they ever have before. They have been able to take control of their own life and now you can too!

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Finding Freedom with John Odermatt (air date 8-4-22)

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The Power To Pivot with Elizabeth Miles (air date 3-16-21)

Heroes Like You Podcast with Joe Belliston (air date 3-5-20)

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The Empowered Whistleblower with Dawn Westmoreland (air date 2-24-20)

Which Way? with Shari and Jann Simmons (air date Friday 1-10-20)

Let’s Live! with Thurman Greco – Woodstock, NY cable TV – Nov. 2019

Beyond Risk and Back with Aaron Huey (air date TBD)

Welcome! Hope everyone is well. I did a pre-interview for a podcast last Monday. It was a lot of fun and if they choose me to be a guest, I will let you know more.

I spoke at our local school board last night (10-25-22). I was preparing for it all last week which is why I’m late with this blog. My speech was in response to the fact that in the previous school board meeting they were taking a vote to try and keep me from speaking. They compared my speaking to obscenity. I have put together a video of the 3 minute speech which I will be putting up on my Neal Brownell The Crazy Inventor channel on YouTube shortly so that you will be able to view it.

We are looking forward to seeing what our grandkids are going to be for Halloween. When Lady Linda and I were kids we usually didn’t see Christmas decorations, etc. in the stores until after Thanksgiving, but today all kinds of Christmas items are in the stores right after Labor Day it seems.

So, with that in mind, The Doorway – To A Lifetime Of Freedom complete Freedom Bundle is a great gift for family and friends, whether it be for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, or your loved one’s birthday. I tried to cover everything. We are still offering The Doorway for FREE (just pay $9.95 for U.S. Shipping and Handling and a little more for International).

For only $9.95 per bundle you can give a magnificent Gift to everyone on your list and save a ton of money at the same time. When you give your loved ones a FREE Freedom Book Bundle they will also be able to download all the valuable FREE bonuses such as Mental Power, Aptitude Finder, Healing Eye Movement and more. The Doorway is also available on Amazon in Kindle, paperback, and hardcover, but on Amazon you will pay full price.

Now for this week’s story:

I first learned about aptitudes when I was in my late 20’s. As I told you before, aptitudes is a gift that is given to you at birth. This gift many times comes so naturally to you that you don’t even recognize it. I have told you in the past that I myself had no idea what my aptitudes were until I took the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation aptitude test.

Aptitudes tend to surround the things that you like to do. For instance my father loved to work with wood. He had never been trained and even though he had no training, I thought that he was quite good. Then one day a woman came in to our woodworking shop (we had a woodworking business called the Wood Specialists) with a grandfather clock that had been in a fire. One side of this clock had been destroyed. The other side had beautiful intricate vines, leaves and flowers carved into the wood, extremely detailed. She asked my father if he could replace the part that had been destroyed, matching the existing side. He said, “yes, give me a few weeks and I’ll have it done.” After the woman left, I looked at my father with concern and astonishment and said to him, “have you ever carved anything in your life?” He said, “no”. I said, “what makes you think that you can carve anything, much less carve something that is this intricate?” He said, “I don’t know, I just know I can.”


Hi everyone. We have been busy contacting podcasts and last week I spoke at the Onteora (Boiceville, NY) school board meeting. There is a video of this speech on my Neal Brownell The Crazy Inventor YouTube Channel. The title of the video is Couple’s Life Ruined By Con Artists How You Can Avoid It. Also, here is the link to the video.

Please watch the video and share it with everyone so we can help our kids to see through these illusions.
In the near future I will be posting a blog that evaluates THE TIMESHARE CON. Keep an eye out for this blog. It could save you and your kids tens of thousands of dollars in your lifetime.

Last Saturday we celebrated two of our grandsons birthdays. They were born 4 years and 1 day apart, so they celebrate their birthdays together. This year we went to a local roller skating rink that also has many other things to do like bumper cars and laser tag, etc. We had a great time.

Now for this week’s story:

The following is a con game that many politicians are running. I call it The Security Blanket Con.
For many years our government schools have been teaching our kids that they should not try to succeed. They are told not to be their very best. Our kids are being taught that all they need to do is participate and that is great. Well, I am here to say the government schools, from the moment our kids start school as a 4 or 5 year old all the way through their college years, are not only wrong, they are profoundly hurting our kids.

I wrote about this in my blog Grandma’s Fish Pond. However, I have been trying to figure out other ways I can explain why my stance that teaching our kids to only participate is hurting them. Every time I write something and try to explain it to my readers, I try to come up with scenarios that you can use to teach other people. So, here goes, I hope the following will help you explain why the government security blanket is a con. We must teach our kids to be responsible for themselves and know how to survive in our society.

The first scenario that I will give you comes from the space program. When an astronaut goes into outer space, there is no gravity. Because of this, their bodies are free to do whatever they want to do. They can float around and they don’t have to worry about gravity inhibiting their freedom.

However, everything has good and bad points. So this so-called freedom comes at a price, which means it is not free at all. After all, free means free, it doesn’t mean that you have to pay some price for it. So what is the price that our astronauts pay to be free from gravity? Without gravity all the muscles in the body start to atrophy. You see you don’t need muscles in zero gravity. So you lose what you don’t need.
The astronauts also lose bone mass causing tremendous premature osteoporosis. When they come back to earth if they have spent enough time in outer space, their freedom from gravity has made it so they can’t even stand up back here on earth. So essentially this freedom has made them cripples.

Interestingly enough, once they are back dealing with the limitations of gravity, with exercise they get their muscle mass back and can reverse at least part of the osteoporosis. So by being limited by gravity, we grow stronger and more self-reliant.


Welcome. Lady Linda and I are getting back into the swing of things after vacation. I will be speaking at our local School Board meeting next week and the below story is the one I will be telling.  Of course it won’t be this long, because I only have 3 minutes. I will also put up a video on YouTube shortly, telling this story, as well as videotaping the school board and you will be able to see that also.

I’m planning on doing several videos ahead of the school board speeches on how you can avoid con games. Many of these videos will be posted long before the school board speeches. So if you would like to learn faster than 3-6 minutes a month at school board meetings, you will be able to.

After my appearance on Finding Freedom with John Odermatt, The Doorway – To A Lifetime Of Freedom continues to sell well. Isn’t it time you bought your copy?

Now for this week’s story:

To make a long story short I attended a business meeting, where going in I knew I was going to be dealing with a bunch of con artists. However, since I study con games I thought it would be a lot of fun to go to the meeting and screw their con game up. After getting extremely frustrated with me, they decided they were going to have to give me a legitimate deal.

If you are patient and wait long enough, con artists will get so cocky that they will tell you exactly who they are. You see, they see themselves as incredibly smart and they see you and I as dumb as a rock. Their arrogance is their biggest weakness.


Welcome. I hope everyone had a great summer. I’m late on this blog, because Lady Linda and I were on vacation last week, so we unplugged. We had a great time resting and relaxing. Our son and his family came up for a day on the weekend. The grandkids enjoyed swimming and then we all played miniature golf and just had a wonderful time being together.

We are still in the process of contacting podcasts, as well as organizations for interviews and presentations. I’ll let you know as events come up.

The holidays will be here before you know it. The Doorway – To A Lifetime Of Freedom complete Freedom Bundle is a great gift for family and friends. We are still offering The Doorway for FREE (just pay $9.95 for U.S. Shipping and Handling and a little more for International).

For only $9.95 you can give a magnificent Christmas Gift to everyone on your list and save a ton of money at the same time. When you give your loved ones a FREE Freedom Book Bundle they will also be able to download all the valuable FREE bonuses. The Doorway is also available on Amazon in Kindle, paperback and hardcover, but on Amazon you will pay full price.

Now for this week’s story:

I know I have talked a lot about how our brains work. The fact remains is that if you don’t know how your brain works, then someone can easily control you. With this control they can get you to make decisions that you normally wouldn’t make. When you make the decision they manipulated you into making, you will actually think you made the decision on your own.

Case and point: I ran into a friend of mine (let’s call her Sally, obviously not her real name) who hates Trump. When I asked her how she was doing, she responded with “I’ll be better when Trump is gone.” We had just met on the street. Trump, as of this writing, has been out of office for roughly one-and-a-half years. To me this was a bizarre response. However I know that if I responded to Sally in the wrong way, her brain would shut down and not hear another thing I had to say.


Hello everyone! I have heard back from more podcasts. Don’t have anything scheduled at this point, but lots of interest. We are continuing to get sales from my appearance on John Odermatt’s Finding Freedom podcast that I was a guest on at the beginning of the month. Thanks John!

The interview was great. If you would like to listen to it, the link is https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/finding-freedom/id1602918224?i=1000574969159    John also told us that it is available on all podcasting platforms. Just search for Finding Freedom with John Odermatt.

Hope that you all have an awesome Labor Day holiday. Lady Linda and I are going to have some vacation time ourselves. We have 4 birthdays in the family this month, so we continue to celebrate those. We will celebrate our grandson’s birthday this weekend. He is turning 11 years old.

Now for this week’s story:

When our founding fathers wrote the United States Constitution they used simplicity and common sense. They deliberately wrote it in simple everyday language so we the common people would be able to understand it. This way when the lawyers and politicians use double, triple, or even quadruple talk, we the common people can say your full of sh%!. We can tell them with 100% confidence that the Constitution does not say that.

The founding fathers made it so simple the we can tell the government your new law is no law at all because it is Unconstitutional. This means that any law that goes against any law that came before it is Unconstitutional. This applies to the Constitution itself. No Constitutional Amendment that goes against a previous amendment is Constitutional.

This is not just me saying this, this is the Supreme Court as well as other Courts saying it. Below are a few examples:


Welcome, everyone. It has been a great two weeks. On Tuesday, August 2, I was interviewed on the Finding Freedom podcast by the host John Odermatt. It was my first interview with the new name of the book – The Doorway – To A Lifetime Of Freedom. I am so glad to get back to doing podcasts and I had so much fun with John. We have also had a number of people take advantage of our Free Freedom Book Bundle offer and books and Kindle on Amazon have been selling. It is really exciting to finally be getting the message of The Doorway out.

The message of The Doorway is that science has discovered incredibly simple ways for you to change your thought pattern. This means for the first time in history you can decide who you want to be. You don’t have to become your parents, you don’t have to be the person that bully said you were, you don’t have to be anybody except who you want to be. This process is so elegantly easy and works incredibly fast. Get your FREE copy of The Doorway – To A Lifetime Of Freedom and make your life what you want it to be.

Lady Linda is continuing to contact podcasts so we can spread the message of The Doorway – To A Lifetime Of Freedom and help as many people as we can. If you would like to listen to my interview on the Finding Freedom podcast, the link is https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/finding-freedom/id1602918224?i=1000574969159    John also told us that it is available on all podcasting platforms. Just search for Finding Freedom with John Odermatt.

While you are at John’s podcast, listen to some of his other guests. John is truly helping a lot of people with the information that he is getting out. Give his show a chance, it could profoundly change your life.

The young man in the photo with me is my great-grandson Julius.

Now for this week’s story:

I have been doing a lot of thinking about how individual Americans can stand against this lawless communist (I will not dignify communism with a capital C.) socialist government that Washington D.C. and International Corporations are trying to force on us?

The first thing we need to do is to understand communism. communism is where the government, a few people at the top, tells everyone in the society what they are allowed to say, what they are allowed to think, and what they are allowed to do. In other words communism is, group say, group think, and group do. In communism the individual no longer exists. We The People become little robotic slaves to the state.


Welcome. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I just recorded a new video for thedoorwaybook.com website. If you want to get a free copy of The Doorway – To A Lifetime Of Freedom for you and your friends, as well as lots of other valuable free bonuses, check it out (all I ask is that you pay a little shipping and handling.

I am starting to get responses from podcasts and I tentatively have an interview scheduled for August 2. I will tell you more about it once I have more details. I’m happy to be able to get back on podcasts and really look forward to doing some live speeches and classes.

The photo above is of my two children – David and Jessica – that I have talked about in previous blogs.

Now for this week’s story:

For a long time I have been comparing two different systems in my head. Finally I decided I would put it in writing. Look at the two lists below and see if you can tell me what system they belong to.

   System 1                                                     System 2

Free Housing                                                         Free Housing

Free Utilities                                                 Free Utilities

Free Food                                                                 Free Food

Free Transportation                                           Free Transportation

Free Medical                                                            Free Medical

Free Clothing                                                         Free Clothing

Free Retirement                                                   Free Retirement

Free Education                                                     Free Education

You have no Bills                                                     You have no Bills

They will protect you                                      They will protect you

The above are some of the good points. However, as an inventor, I know everything has good and bad points. So, what are some of the bad points.


Hello everyone,

I apologize for being late in posting this blog. Life sometimes gets in the way.

I’m happy to say that we are finally at the point where we are contacting podcasts and organizations for me to speak about The Doorway – To A Lifetime Of Freedom. Lady Linda sent a number of emails out to podcasts last week and we are already receiving positive responses back. I truly enjoy being in front of an audience and feeling their energy. Recommendation of podcasts or organizations are always welcome, just email me at nealbrownellthecrazyinventor@gmail.com  

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I know that we have been enjoying spending time with our kids and grandkids and we hope that you are enjoying lots of family time as well. Two of our grandsons are on travel soccer teams and one grandson is on a travel baseball team.

Now for this week’s story:

When the Roman Catholic Church wanted to control the people, they released all the information that they wanted to release. At the same time they prevented truthsayers such as Copernicus from speaking. The church went out of their way to destroy any and everyone that went against what they were saying. But this is the right wing. What about the left?

When I was a young man, I had a family member who worked in a lab for a major university. I had daily contact with this family member for years. This means that I spoke to them about their work often. As far as work goes, their major concern was getting the yearly grant from the government. Without these yearly multi-million dollar grants, their lab would go out of business.

However, when I asked them about what they were working on, and how they were going to go about proving or disproving their hypotheses, they laughed. They actually said, when you are depending on the government to give you millions of dollars a year, you don’t worry about proving things, you tell them what they want to hear.


Welcome. Lady Linda and I want to wish everyone in America a happy 4th of July. We hope everyone else is doing well. The idea of America is a worldwide movement and we welcome absolutely everyone. 50 years after the founding of America, Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter. I will paraphrase – He said, that he was very happy that the people of America were so happy with the government system that they had given them. He also said that it worked so well giving freedom to those who were willing to stand on their own two feet, that eventually the idea of America would go worldwide.

If you look in all corners of the world, people are fighting their oppressive governments, trying to achieve America in their own country. It is happening, but it will be one hell of a fight against the communists and other dictators. Our strength is our sheer numbers. Educate everyone to what America actually is. Let’s get human dignity and the right to decide one’s own life to every person in the world. Knowledge and the ability to use that knowledge is freedom.

Now for this week’s story:

I was at a venue for selling The Doorway – To A Lifetime Of Freedom. Lady Linda and I had gotten there early to set up. This allowed me to offer a hand to the other vendors who came later. All of them, with the exception of one, were very gracious and thankful that they had an extra set of hands.

When I offered a hand to this one individual, they growled at me with a gruff No, you can’t help me. I didn’t change my demeanor, I just went to the next person and asked if I could help them. (I know this makes me look like the good neighbor, but actually it keeps me busy. I hate sitting around, plus I love talking to people. So, it’s a win win for all.)

I knew that this person’s hostile outward appearance towards me had nothing to do with me. As the day wore on, because it was a rainy day, the show wasn’t particularly busy. This allowed me to go around and talk to the other vendors as well as the few visitors that came along, to explain to them what The Doorway – To A Lifetime Of Freedom is all about.