Preliminary Reader Reviews

In this current atmosphere of divisiveness in which we sadly find ourselves, Neal’s message is a much-needed one for middle schoolers, their parents, teachers, and all of us.

—Karen Taylor-Good, Grammy-nominated songwriter, author, and speaker

I have no doubt that all of the children who read this book will continue with it until the end…and not because it is assigned in a classroom, although I believe it should be a book taught in schools.

—Stuart Howard, Broadway theatrical casting director

The part of the book that got my attention was expressing how everyone can contribute and everyone has value, no matter what they look like or sound like. The character of a person is what to look for. What a life lesson—the importance of knowledge.

—Theresa, Parent

My favorite part of the book was the comparing, because it was fun!

—Lisanne, age 9

I liked the stories–especially the basketball ones.

—-Sam, age 10

The Prologue was outstanding and pulled me into the book.

—Emma, age 12

I loved the book. It is very informative. I don’t believe that it is purely a children’s book. I think it could be used in any situation with adults who have preset prejudices. I could see it used in Sunday school classes as well. This is an important message that needs to reach as many as possible.

—Grandma D

I learned from the book that no matter what you look like or act like, we are all really the same inside.

—Sydney, age 12

My favorite part of the book was where they explain what everything is better at/meant for.

—Alexander, age 10

Neal’s message is a timely one. He addresses the problem of intolerance in ways that young people can understand and relate to. His real-life experiences open a discussion for readers to explore their own feelings and experiences.

—Susan Carlson, 3rd grade teacher

Sam really enjoyed the book—especially the longer stories. I was a bit surprised, in fact, because Sam is usually a kid who likes graphic novels, so I didn’t know what he would think. He was particularly intrigued by the stories involving basketball!

—Heidi, Sam’s mom

I really enjoyed the book a lot. Honestly, I went into it thinking it was going to be more of a children’s book, but I was surprised, pleasantly surprised. It’s not just a book for children, but like you say on the cover, it’s really a book for all ages!

I can say I learned a lot while reading, and plan on using some of the advice in my everyday life. It was enjoyable, but also informative. I love the message, and I think you have done a really good job with this book.

—-Danielle Breithaupt, college student