I hope everybody had a great holiday season. For me personally, there is a lot of stress during the holiday season. It is a time of reflection. You have to do all the regular stuff plus tons more, and you’re exhausted. The only reason I tell you this is because I know a lot of us feel this way. I want you to know you’re normal and to feel like you’re not normal is normal.


You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It! One more week until Christmas. We will enjoy seeing our grandkids open the presents under their trees. We hope everyone has an Amazing holiday. If you know someone who is struggling with their self-esteem, You’re Amazing would be an awesome gift. It is available on Amazon.

I was a guest on the Beyond Risk and Back podcast with Aaron Huey from Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center last Friday. Aaron is dedicated to helping young people in crisis and I hope my appearance on his show helped him help his listeners. We don’t have an air date yet. We will let everyone know once it is scheduled.


I know this is a busy time of year for everyone. Linda and I have been busy with Christmas also. She has been making cookies and other treats and I am making some gifts, which are pretty cool. I will put a photo of them on Facebook after Christmas. Also our granddaughter is performing in The Nutcracker this weekend.

In addition to the busyness of Christmas, I am excited to have two podcast interviews scheduled before Christmas. This Friday, I am being interviewed by Aaron Huey, Host of Beyond Risk and Back, a podcast designed to support parents, teachers, and clinicians who work with kids at risk. Next Friday, I am being interviewed on Which Way?, a podcast which is hosted by Shari Simmons. Shari has studied resiliency and the enduring self-sabotaging thoughts that are often the result of trauma and also celebrates just how resilient the human spirit is. Both Aaron and Shari are affiliated with the Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center in the Colorado Rockies where troubled teens are taught the tools to allow them the opportunity to transform into more responsible, thoughtful, and confident teens. Aaron is the co-founder and president of Fire Mountain and Shari is the Executive Director.


Hey everyone, hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We spent our Thanksgiving with our son, David and his awesome family. David’s five-year-old son, Eden, asked me why grandparents are so slow. We had an awesome time.

We want to also thank all of the people who are buying You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It! It is really cool to see my book selling and helping a lot of people, specifically teens and tweens. I know this is a tough time of year, so if you know of anyone who is struggling with accepting themselves, please consider giving them You’re Amazing. Not because I wrote it, but because of what people are saying about how it helped their loved one.


Thanksgiving is a day where we reflect on what we are thankful for. On September 25, 2019, we have a blog called Gratitude which shows how many people we are thankful for that have helped us on this journey with You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It! Since that time we have made some new friends that we are thankful for – Thurman Greco who is a local author that is a great advocate for local authors in our area (my wife and I were on her Woodstock, NY cable show), Hollis Chapman who is the host of the Hollis Chapman Show podcast which was my first podcast interview, Dr. Kristina Hallett of the Be Awesome podcast, and Joe Belliston of the Heroes Like You podcast.

I also have to thank my children, Jessica Cedeno and David Brownell, their spouses, all our grandchildren, and our first great grandson for a wonderful 61st birthday celebration. We are so thankful for them all year round.

My wife, Linda, and I hope that you and your families have an amazing Thanksgiving celebration! This is a really rough time of year for some people. If you know of anyone who is struggling to accept themselves, don’t tell them they are amazing, show them – that is what You’re Amazing and I’ll Prove It! does. It is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle. See you next week!

Hope you all are well. We have a Free giveaway that we talk about later in this blog. On Friday, October 15, we had our first TV appearance for You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It! The show is called Let’s Live! with Thurman Greco and it is being aired on Woodstock, NY Cable this week. Thurman is a big advocate for local authors and is an author herself. She is always looking for someone to be on her show, so feel free to contact her at thurmangreco@gmail.com 

We had an hour long discussion about You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It!, the classes that we teach, and how people are using the book all over the country to help loved ones find themselves. We had a lot of fun and hope we were able to help lots of people. If you’re looking for a tool to help a loved one see how amazing they are, go to Amazon and buy You’re Amazing as your gift to them.