People are Good

Just a reminder that our M&M contest is still running until August 10. Please take a guess and leave a comment below or on Facebook or Twitter and win a hardcover copy of You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It! Also to remind you that I will be at the Kingston, NY Barnes & Noble on August 10 from 2-4 pm. It is a FREE and most definitely kid-friendly event. Come have some fun. Keep reading below for the Story of the Week.

Our Week

Linda and I have been working extremely hard. We hit the wall and we needed something good to happen. By the end of the blog week, we have had some really positive things happening. The possibility of certainly a few thousand people knowing that the book exists. It hasn’t been solidified yet, so we can’t tell you exactly what it is, so send out all the good thoughts you can that we get these speaking engagements/teaching events of You’re Amazing.

Now for the Story of the Week. I could probably tell you these stories all day long if I thought about how many times this has happened to me. That is, people telling me that someone is not valuable because there is something about them that they don’t approve of. Tonight I am going to tell you about a cleaning customer that Linda and I used to have. Before we started cleaning Dave and Deb’s (not their real names) home, we had some other people tell us that basically they just weren’t good people. Of course the reasons why they decided this was true were all superficial. Then after Linda and I started cleaning Deb and Dave’s home, we were able to get to know them.

Dave and Deb were the sweetest people you ever want to meet, just really good people. I used to do the vacuuming and Linda would do the dusting. Apparently while I was vacuuming, Dave would sing. I couldn’t hear it because I was vacuuming. One day while Linda was in the room with him and I was vacuuming in an adjacent room, Linda mentioned that he had a really nice voice. His wife, Deb, said to Linda, “he should have a good voice, he used to sing on Broadway.” When Linda and I discovered this, we asked him about it, because he wouldn’t tell you anything about his life unless you asked him. Once I started asking him questions, one day he took me upstairs into one of the guest bedrooms and he started pulling out all of his memorabilia from when he was on Broadway and all of the people that he knew there. It was really incredible to be able to become part of the family and discover how incredible each and every one of us is, and at the same time how similar we are. People are good.

Hope you enjoyed tonight’s story. Linda and I would love to hear stories from you and if you would like we can share them with our audience. Also please leave a comment below and if you would like to follow my blog please click on the plus sign in the upper left. See you next week!

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