Hey everyone, hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We spent our Thanksgiving with our son, David and his awesome family. David’s five-year-old son, Eden, asked me why grandparents are so slow. We had an awesome time.

We want to also thank all of the people who are buying You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It! It is really cool to see my book selling and helping a lot of people, specifically teens and tweens. I know this is a tough time of year, so if you know of anyone who is struggling with accepting themselves, please consider giving them You’re Amazing. Not because I wrote it, but because of what people are saying about how it helped their loved one.

Linda and I are starting a YouTube channel. The name of the channel is The Crazy Inventor. We are working on some videos, but don’t have anything up yet. We are talking to two more podcasts and we’ll let you know how that goes. Our computer guru, Shane is working on some social media advertising for us.

Now for the story:


Two weeks ago, I told you the story of how my wife Deb and I were having trouble getting our 4-year-old son David to behave. In order to solve this problem, we asked a local pre-school to come into our home and help us. At the same time, we enrolled David in their school, Children’s Express. He attended Children’s Express five days a week. Obviously, all the children at Children’s Express had rules they had to follow. But how do you get a misbehaved child to follow the rules.

First, they had to teach him the rules. I know this sounds obvious, but let’s face it, if he doesn’t learn the rules, he can’t follow them. However, shouldn’t every school make sure all the rules were known. So, knowing the rules wasn’t what really changed his behavior.

The thing that led to David’s behavior changing was the next thing Children’s Express did. Children’s Express was not just a school for children who had a behavior problem. It was a school which helped children with any kind of physical or mental problem. They had kids that were in wheelchairs, children with epilepsy, children with Autism who could not speak. You name the challenge, they had children who had it.

Once David had met all the kids, he was then assigned to one of the kids who had more challenges than he had. David’s job was to take care of this child. He was to make sure the child he was assigned had everything they needed to stay safe and grow as much as possible mentally.

David was only four-years-old, but like all humans he had that instinct to help out another human. David took his job very seriously and, in my opinion, David grew more than the child he helped. At four years old David learned if you want to help yourself, put your arm around someone who needs it more than you.

You’re Amazing And I Just Proved It! People are good, people are really good.

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Neal G. Brownell





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