Hope everyone is well. Our You’re Amazing webinar has been live on the website for a week now and Shane has started doing some advertising on Facebook with more advertising to come.

I thought we would share with you an excerpt from the FREE bonus program that is being offered for a limited time during the webinar (It is your FREE bonus when you purchase a copy of You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It! through the webinar). This program is called Mental Power. It is a program that I wrote that features the techniques used by some of the top people in the world to reach their top achievements. This program is a good fit with You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It! for how to train your brain as well as discovering yourself.

Now for the excerpt from Mental Power:


One comment I would like to make before we get started on this section. I am not suggesting in this program that you have to give up the type of music or the type of TV you watch. I just want you to be aware of the way the mind works. If you want to be the best you can be, you should analyze your habits and at least balance your time with the mental techniques contained in this program.

Auto Suggestion is the training of the mind by any form of listening. This training is done by talking to yourself, listening to a recording, or listening to someone else talk.

As I have said before in this program, your mind is the most powerful and marvelous computer on earth. I also told you that you are programming it every moment of every day. The problem is that the vast majority of the input is negative. So, you need to start putting as much positive information in as possible and this includes your self-talk.

In fact, your self-talk is by far #1! It will not happen overnight. I myself, was programmed to talk extremely negative to myself. It wasn’t until my son was five-years-old that I started talking positive to myself. You see, my son was me, and I used to ask myself when I said something negative to myself, would you say that to David? The answer was, Never, because it would be unfair. Well if it is unfair to say to David, it is unfair to say to me. At that point I started talking to myself the way I would talk to David – cheering him on. However, it didn’t happen overnight; there are still times that I slip.

Just to reiterate, your self-talk is the most important information you will ever put into your computer. This self-talk literally controls everything in your life. But most of us have been taught the wrong way of talking to ourselves. You must learn to talk to yourself in a more effective, positive way.

Scientists have discovered a part of the brain that is actually a built-in GOAL-SEEKING DEVICE. If programmed properly; it will go out of its way to help you achieve your goals. Programmed the wrong way, it will keep you away from your goals. Scientists have also discovered that your goal-seeker can only work on the direct meaning of the dominant word in what you say or listen to. The goal-seeker cannot work on the opposite meaning of what you say or listen to.

A prime example of this is a parent disciplining a child. This child’s mind, or goal-seeker within the brain, has never been programmed, so it can only respond to what the parent tells them to do. The parent wants the child to keep their hands off of something, they say “Don’t Touch.” The dominant word is TOUCH, and since the brain cannot work on the opposite meaning of a word, the child doesn’t hear “don’t.” it only hears the word “touch.” The child will almost always touch the object. The parent disciplines the child again by saying, “I told you not to touch that, so don’t touch,” the child then turns and touches again.

If the parent knew more about the way the brain works, they would say to the child, HANDS OFF! I have personally experimented with my own two children, and the vast majority of the time “hands off” works.

So, any time you’re talking to yourself, you should always say what you want and not what you don’t want. This type of talk works extremely well in training our mind …..

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You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It!

Neal G. Brownell



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