Science Proves God Exists – Is The Energy Alive?

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I have been working on some new videos for YouTube. We have had some issues with our microphones, so that is why I haven’t posted anything in a little bit. If everything works out, we are going to be posting a video on The Greatest Invention of All Times, which affects you every second of every day.

The story below will also be a video expanding on Science has proven God Exists.

Now for this week’s story:

On February 6, 2020, I put a video up on YouTube showing how Science has proven that the energy that is the universe has all five characteristics of God. After posting it there was only one objection. This person told me that we can’t prove that the energy is alive.

Let me see if I can help alleviate this little problem. When I was a child I was told that God has five major characteristics. 1. God is omnipresent. Everywhere at all times. 2. God is all powerful. 3. God is omnipotent. All knowing. 4. Everything is possible within God. And 5. God is eternal. God has always been and always will be.

When I was taught these things as a child, I asked my teachers to prove that God is all five of these things. My teachers could not prove any of them.

This means that my faith would just have to stand on faith alone. For me to buy into these five things without any proof is like me jumping into the ocean, and from my faith alone I believe I can swim across the ocean. Then Science proved that energy cannot be created or destroyed. This means that energy is Eternal, so one of the 5 characteristics of God was proven.

Now that one of the characteristics was proven, I only had to believe in 4 things without proof. Well for me to believe in 4 characteristics on faith alone, that is like I jumped into the Gulf of Mexico and believed I could swim across it.

Then string theory came along. String theory says that everything is made out of vibrating strings of pure energy. Well, as I said in Science Proves God Exists, if everything is made out of pure energy, then that means 3 of the remaining 4 are proven without a shadow of a doubt.

First, if everything is made out of vibrating strings of pure energy, then all things are possible within this energy. That means that we have 2 of the characteristics proven.

That means I only have 3 characteristics to believe in on faith alone. That is like me jumping into the Great Lakes and believing that I could swim across them. Along with string theory proving that everything is possible, it also proves that this energy is all powerful. Now a third characteristic of God has been proven by Science.

This means I only have to believe in 2 characteristics of God on faith alone. That is like me jumping into a large swimming pool and believing I could swim across it. However, string theory also proves a fourth characteristic – God is omnipresent (everywhere at all times). Well if Science has proven 4 out of the 5 characteristics of God, that is like me sitting in a kiddie pool and believing I can make my way across it.

That leaves only one characteristic that Science hasn’t proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. That is, Is the energy all-knowing? I don’t even know how you would ever run an experiment to poke God or poke the energy to see if it is alive. Considering there is life everywhere you look and this is the last and only characteristic that Science hasn’t proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, to me it is child’s play – God exists. Not only does God exist, but God is effecting everything. Once you have 4 characteristics of God that have been scientifically proven, it is not much of a leap to believe that God is alive.

Now that we have that out of the way, does string theory say anything about heaven and hell – different dimensions. The answer is yes, and we’ll cover that in a future blog and YouTube video. Until then God Bless and May Goodness and Happiness Always Find You.

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