Science Proves Heaven and Hell Exist

I hope that Covid is treating everyone well. Needless to say this is a very difficult time to live. I too am struggling with having to wear the mask and isolation. One of my coping mechanisms when I get like this is to reflect historically what our ancestors would be going through if Covid hit them.

Just 100 years ago they didn’t know how to create vaccines. They wouldn’t know to cover their faces. They wouldn’t know to isolate themselves two weeks before they got sick. They wouldn’t know to sanitize everything. They certainly wouldn’t have the ability to do any of these things, because they didn’t have the sanitizers and the medicines and the knowledge we have today. They would be in really bad shape. Death would be all around them. So when I think of how our ancestors, so recently in history, would be suffering in comparison to us, I count my blessings.

Now for this week’s story:

Our Science Proves God Exists video (the title in the photo of this blog is the original name for this video) is the most popular video on my Neal – The Crazy Inventor YouTube channel. Science Proves God Exists literally proves there is a Higher Power. It also proves, regardless of what we call this higher power, each and every one of us has the same Higher Power.

Once I figured out that science has proven, through math and the space program, that an energy source does exist, that has all the characteristics of the entity we call God, Allah, Higher Power or any other name you want to use, I started wondering is there any evidence that there are more than one dimension. Well the answer to this question is YES!

When I was a kid I was taught that there is not only a Heaven and a Hell, but there is also something called Purgatory. So according to the Catholic religion I was taught that there are four dimensions. Starting with the dimension we all want to be on, they are Heaven, Earth or the physical dimension we are now on, Purgatory, and Hell.  

Well as I told you in Science Prove God Exists, when I asked my teachers how could one entity be Eternal, All Knowing, All Powerful, Everything is Possible within this entity, and it is Everywhere at All Times, they couldn’t answer me. So, you won’t be shocked to hear they couldn’t prove Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell actually exist either. After finding that Science has proven through math and the space program that God actually exists, I started looking for Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell.

String Theory is the math equation scientists used to find the vibrating strings of pure energy. This equation was actually first discovered in the late 1800’s. However, at that time it went unnoticed. In the pursuing years, scientists searched for a math equation which unified the Theory of Relativity (the theory which tells us how things work on large scales planetary, solar system, galaxies, etc.) and Quantum Mechanics (things on a subatomic smaller than the Atom scale.)

Well in the 1980s scientists rediscovered the math equation which is String Theory. Once they found the first equation they started looking to see if there were any other math equations that also fit with String Theory. After looking for awhile they found another math equation and to date they have found ten different equations which prove String Theory. These equations show us that there are at least ten different dimensions. As I said before, religion tells us there are at least four.

Because String Theory tells us everything is made out of vibrating strings of pure energy, this means that everything is electrical. If everything is electrical then that means everything has a positive and a negative charge. This means that as you move from one dimension to another, the electrical charge can be more positive or more negative in a particular dimension. This means that one of these dimensions can be all positive which would be Heaven and on the opposite extreme one dimension would be extremely negative which would be Hell. The other eight dimensions the scientists have found would be a mixture of lots of positive with some negative all the way to lots of negative with some positive.

So you see, scientists have mathematically proven different dimensions and that they are positive and negative, Heaven and Hell and eight dimensions in between.

In the next blog we will talk about how String Theory shows, by your actions you draw positive or negative energy to yourself. Until then stay well and send out all the positive energy in all directions as you can.

In my book, You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It!, the reader answers questions at the end of each story and discovers for themself that they are as amazing as any other spirit on this planet. No better, but every bit as good as any other spirit. Once the reader understands that they are amazing, the only thing left for them to do to have true happiness is to find their passion.

If you are not doing what is your passion, you are living in an alternate reality. Every second that you live outside of your passion feels like a lifetime of misery. In You’re Amazing we stress how important it is that you find your passion. For this reason, we have a section in You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It! that shows you one of the ways to find your passion and help in your journey to find your purpose in life. Order today at !

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You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It!

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