Science Proves The Energy is Alive and Aware

Lady Linda and I hope everyone had a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving and was able to visit with your family. We had a great time. We have been re-reading a book called Psychic Warrior which is an extremely spiritual book. Two weeks ago (on 11-11-18) in my blog Science Proves Other Dimensions Affect Our Dimension, I told you how Psychic Warrior came into my life. In this blog I tell you more about this amazing book.

Now for this week’s story:

I’ve been doing a series on Science Proves God Exists. I told you in the past that I am not a religious man, but I am an extremely spiritual man. This series started when I realized that the space program along with String Theory showed that there is a universal energy that, without a doubt, if you are only using the space program and string theory, has four of the five characteristics that religion tells us God has. When I originally filmed the video, Science Proves God Exists, I was only using String Theory and the space program in order to prove God exists. In order to show that this energy is alive and aware, we need to look into another scientific program called Star Gate (Also known as Sun Streak and many other names at this point. Every time this program is exposed, the government changes the name, moves the location of the operation, and just keeps the program going.)

Star Gate is a military program where the military trains what they call remote viewers. The only reason that we know that this program exists is that several of the remote viewers have risked their lives and their family’s lives to tell the world about this program. David Morehouse was one of the first remote viewers to expose the existence of Star Gate and what they did there, in his book Psychic Warrior.

I can go into a lot of things on why science knows for a fact that not only do different dimensions exist, but there are people who have the capability of spiritually leaving their body and traveling to other dimensions, observing what is going on in these dimensions, and returning and telling of what was going on.

Some people are born with this capability, but it appears that if you have a near-death experience (David Morehouse did have one), a doorway to other dimensions opens that never quite closes again. With the proper scientific training, these remote viewers can be trained to control where their spirits travel to. The military has been studying this phenomenon for no less than 40 years here in the United States. The Chinese and the old Soviet Union as well as other governments throughout the world have also been studying this phenomenon for many, many years.

In order to determine whether these remote viewers are actually going to remote locations spiritually, the military has run countless blind trials. Never telling the remote viewer where they are going or what they may or may not experience. One of the blind tests that David Morehouse tells us about is a location that they sent him. Again, David had no idea what this location was, but when his spirit arrived, he said he didn’t want to be there. He said that the atmosphere around him was extremely evil. In his spirit form he touched a rock wall and said that the stones have seen incredible evil and they are incredibly sad. He said as a trained remote viewer, you realize that everything is alive and aware. David said that all you need is the eyes to see it and the ears to hear it. The blind location that the military had sent him to was Dachau, one of the World War II Nazi concentration camps.

So String Theory tells us that everything is electrical energy, and energy cannot be created or destroyed, so it is eternal. String Theory also tells us that all things are possible within this energy, and this energy is all powerful. The space program tells us that the strings are everywhere including what was thought to be empty outer space, so this makes the strings omnipresent. And last, but not least, the fifth characteristic that religion tells us God has is that God is alive and aware of everything that happens. The Star Gate program scientifically proves that everything is alive and aware. So there is your five characteristics of whatever you want to call this universal, eternal multi-dimensional energy – God, Allah, The Universe.

The scientifically run Star Gate program proves that there are multiple dimensions which have good and evil and they interact with this dimension as well as this dimension interacts with them. This program also proves that you can draw enormous strength from the Universal Energy, which in your everyday life you can use to make your life extraordinary. In fact, because we are made out of this Universal Energy, we as aware entities are supposed to learn how to tap into the goodness of the energy. However it is entirely up to us if we tap into the goodness or the evil. Tapping into the goodness can bring enormous spiritual growth through trials and tribulations. Tapping into the evil just brings a turbulent life.

There are other books out there about remote viewing by military-trained remote viewers. The reason they exposed this program was that the governments of this world, as well as ours, are trying to use the ability to tap into these other dimensions as a weapon. However, the remote viewers say that the experience is so spiritual, that it really needs to be used for the good of mankind. The real interesting thing to me, as an inventor, is that the ancient religions of this world have been telling us that all of this exists and that we can use it for our own good, and now science is telling us the exact same thing.

So the next question, as an inventor, is I want to know how can I use the enormous power of the universe to better all of humanity. I’ll continue this in the next blog.

I have read Psychic Warrior cover to cover more than once, and although there is tremendous evil that attacks David trying to stop him from exposing remote viewing, there is also enormous good that helps him.  Because of the science that surrounds this, I found Psychic Warrior to be one of the most spiritual books I have ever read. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a scientific/spiritual view of a world in which, up until very recently in history was only told of by unproven religion. Now we have science telling us peace and love are the only way to move forward. Until then Peace and Love to everyone which is exactly what my book You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It! teaches.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It! it message is profound. One could only hope that the message of love and understanding of ones self as well as the people around them will catch on like a wild fire across the entire world. In my book, You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It!, the reader answers questions at the end of each story and discovers for themself that they are as amazing as any other spirit on this planet. No better, but every bit as good as any other spirit. Once the reader understands that they are amazing, the only thing left for them to do to have true happiness is to find their passion.

If you are not doing what is your passion, you are living in an alternate reality. Every second that you live outside of your passion feels like a lifetime of misery. In You’re Amazing we stress how important it is that you find your passion. For this reason, we have a section in You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It! that shows you one of the ways to find your passion and help in your journey to find your purpose in life. Order today at !

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You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It!

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