Is Liberalism-Socialism New and Enlightened?

I hope that everyone had a wonderful 4th of July, celebrating the greatest nation that has ever existed – America. Did you see the video on YouTube where people spontaneously started singing the National Anthem in Walmart? It has gone viral and I will be sharing it on Facebook.

I am also posting two videos where parents are standing up against the school boards in regard to critical race theory. For those who don’t know what critical race theory is, to put it in a nutshell, the socialist school boards are teaching our children to not only hate one another, but to hate themselves. My book, The Doorway – To Embracing Your Inner Light shows you how valuable not only the people around you are, but how incredibly valuable you are. Look for these videos on my Facebook page. Please share them and stand up against hate.

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Now for this week’s story:

Is Liberalism-Socialism New and Enlightened?

Right now in history America and the world at large is at a crossroad. We are being taught that liberalism-socialism-communism-progressivism is a new and enlightened way to go? liberalism-socialism-communism-progressivism are all the same thing, just a different word. Right now they are calling themselves socialist, so to simplify things I will call it socialism in this blog, . As you know, I look at everything through the eyes of and inventor and through the lens of history (I have the aptitudes of an inventor). Just because someone tells me something is true does not make it true. I have to find out for myself.

I have also been looking for ways to show you what the truth is, and at the same time give you simple tools you can use to show others the truth.

This brings us to the first question, “Is Socialism new and enlightened?” In order to answer this question we have to ask more questions. First, if it is new, then that means it has never been tried before, so the next question is “Has Socialism ever been tried before?”

The answer is “YES”, Socialism has been tried many times.

The next question is when Socialism was tried how did their society run? In other words, what was their financial system and did this financial system lead to the average person having a good fulfilling life?

The answer is, in Socialism the government takes everyone’s money and puts it in a pool and then the money is distributed equally amongst the people. The government officials who distribute the money take the biggest share. This equality of finances does not extend to labor. The individual who works hard gets as much money as the person who does nothing.

This inequality of labor little by little causes the hard worker to do less and less. He / She starts realizing that they are going to get $100 if they work or if they do nothing, they will get $100. Because of this, eventually everybody in Socialism does nothing.

Can you imagine a society where everyone does nothing? Think about it for a moment. The people doing nothing are not producing electricity for your home. They are not producing food for you to eat. They are not picking up your garbage. Extend this doing nothing out to everything.

Next week we will continue discussing whether socialism is new and enlightened. I also know that I need to continue telling you about the class that Lady Linda and I teach using the concepts in The Doorway – To Embracing Your Inner Light.

The Doorway – To Embracing Your Inner Light

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However, where do you even start to look for your unique gift? And how do you bring it to the world? The answers to these questions are inside The Doorway.

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