Two Evil Systems

Welcome. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I just recorded a new video for website. If you want to get a free copy of The Doorway – To A Lifetime Of Freedom for you and your friends, as well as lots of other valuable free bonuses, check it out (all I ask is that you pay a little shipping and handling.

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The photo above is of my two children – David and Jessica – that I have talked about in previous blogs.

Now for this week’s story:

For a long time I have been comparing two different systems in my head. Finally I decided I would put it in writing. Look at the two lists below and see if you can tell me what system they belong to.

   System 1                                                     System 2

Free Housing                                                         Free Housing

Free Utilities                                                 Free Utilities

Free Food                                                                 Free Food

Free Transportation                                           Free Transportation

Free Medical                                                            Free Medical

Free Clothing                                                         Free Clothing

Free Retirement                                                   Free Retirement

Free Education                                                     Free Education

You have no Bills                                                     You have no Bills

They will protect you                                      They will protect you

The above are some of the good points. However, as an inventor, I know everything has good and bad points. So, what are some of the bad points.

No choice of housing                                             No choice of housing

Only the bare essentials for utilities                Only the bare essentials for utilities

No choice of food to eat                                       No choice of food to eat

No choice of transportation                               No choice of transportation

Only bare essentials for medicine             Only bare essentials for medicine

Only bare essentials for clothing               Only bare essentials for clothing

No Retirement                                                   No Retirement

Extremely limited Education if any                 Extremely limited Education if any

Not allowed to protect yourself                                 Not allowed to protect yourself

Forced labor                                                             Forced labor

No choice of occupation                                       No choice of occupation

Family Fragmented & Destroyed             Family Fragmented & Destroyed

Own nothing, including your body                 Own nothing, including your body

You have no rights at all                                       You have no rights at all

Torture you because they want to             Torture you because they want to

Kill you because they want to                         Kill you because they want to

Have you guessed what the two systems are?

           SLAVERY                                                           SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT

All the free government schools are teaching our kids is how great all the free stuff is going to be. They are not teaching them that the government is literally teaching them just enough for them to be slaves for the international corporations. Did you ever ask yourself why the schools aren’t concerned with the drop out rate higher than it has ever been? They aren’t concerned with our kids not being able to read, do math or do science. Have you noticed that the international corporate news never talk about how bad our schools are?

Do you think the slave owners were concerned about the slave not reading, doing math or science? They only educated them enough so the slaves could perform the task they forced them to perform. In fact, slave owners argued that the slaves were better off having an owner who would take care of them. They argued that the slaves weren’t capable of fending for themselves. They taught the slaves, slave owner good, all believers in freedom bad.

If you replace the word slave with our kids and slave owner with our government all of this looks suspiciously similar. Our government is dangling all the free stuff in our kids’ faces while literally teaching our kids to be slaves. They are actually telling our kids that their parents are too stupid to understand, so don’t tell them.

Talk with your kids and teach them about the trap the government is setting. Teach them nothing is free and the government’s price for free stuff is devastatingly high. Their free stuff will literally make them and every generation to come, Slaves.


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