Welcome. I hope everyone had a great summer. I’m late on this blog, because Lady Linda and I were on vacation last week, so we unplugged. We had a great time resting and relaxing. Our son and his family came up for a day on the weekend. The grandkids enjoyed swimming and then we all played miniature golf and just had a wonderful time being together.

We are still in the process of contacting podcasts, as well as organizations for interviews and presentations. I’ll let you know as events come up.

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Now for this week’s story:

I know I have talked a lot about how our brains work. The fact remains is that if you don’t know how your brain works, then someone can easily control you. With this control they can get you to make decisions that you normally wouldn’t make. When you make the decision they manipulated you into making, you will actually think you made the decision on your own.

Case and point: I ran into a friend of mine (let’s call her Sally, obviously not her real name) who hates Trump. When I asked her how she was doing, she responded with “I’ll be better when Trump is gone.” We had just met on the street. Trump, as of this writing, has been out of office for roughly one-and-a-half years. To me this was a bizarre response. However I know that if I responded to Sally in the wrong way, her brain would shut down and not hear another thing I had to say.

Because of this I nonchalantly started asking her questions. Asked in the right way questions can be non-threatening. I asked, “are there any policies Trump had that you liked.” She responded “NO”. I then said, “So you didn’t like his inner city policy that led to the lowest unemployment rate for our fellow Black and Hispanic brothers and sisters in history?”

I continued in my non-threatening way of asking questions. I said, “You didn’t like his policies on China telling them we are bringing our jobs home and we were no longer going to let them use slave labor to make our goods? You didn’t like him stopping human traffickers from bringing slaves across the Mexican Border? Or him stopping 90% of all the drugs coming into our country by closing the border? I said, “I can go on, but my real question is, you didn’t like anything he did?”

Sally responded with “Well, I didn’t know about those policies?” I then asked, “Can you tell me just one of Trump’s policies?” She answered “No”. I then said, “So let me get this straight, you hate a man that you can’t tell me anything about. If you have no information about this man and yet you went ahead and made a decision, this tells me someone else made your decision to hate Trump for you.”

She asked me in a very sarcastic voice, of which I showed no change in my non-threatening demeanor, “There’s probably nothing you don’t like about Trump?”  I can’t stress enough, I stayed very calm and non-threatening. I said, “Actually there are several policies I hate. One policy that I hate is his Fracking policy. If I was able to talk to Trump, and had any authority at all, I would tell him to stop Fracking and stop it now!” But Fracking is another blog. Back to this blog.

With this simple conversation of asking questions and seeking the answers, I was able to get Sally to start thinking for herself. Once she realized someone else made her decision for her, she wanted to know how I go about making my decisions.

First, I am like everyone else, my time is extremely finite, so I don’t waste time. As far as political information goes, everything I do is designed to get as much factual information as possible, as fast as possible. Below are the basic steps I take.

One – If a news outlet deliberately lies to me, I never listen to them again. I don’t have time to sift through everything these news outlets are telling me in order to determine what is fact and what is a lie. You deliberately lie to me, you are gone.

Two – If it is something that I understand I never listen to opinion shows. These people are being paid to tell you an opinion that they say is their own. However, some of the positions these people take are so bizarre that when hearing them my only thought is “How much did they pay you to spout that lie?” An opinion is an opinion, theirs is no more important than yours. So, I don’t listen to their opinions. I get the facts and form my own opinion.

Three – Some of the techniques that corporate media and politicians use is repeat the information 24/7 365; Create fear in the viewer and tell the viewer they (the politicians and international corporations) can solve the problem if you let them have control over you. They also urge you to move fast to alleviate your fear.

When hearing something over and over, your brain automatically starts to play the information in your head. When this happens your brain starts to imagine that the information is real. To avoid this, I look online at newspapers and read the headlines. If there is a story that I think may give me information I don’t have, I read it.

Four – Once I have the information, unless there is additional information I don’t spend the time reading anything.

Five – I personally don’t look at the news/newspapers more than once every other week or so. The American system of government was designed to move excruciatingly slow. Although our government has infringed on the Constitution to speed it up, it still moves relatively slow. For instance, if you had turned on your television on November 3, 2016 you would have heard that Trump was a Putin spy and we have the proof. Then, if you had not turned your television on for four years (when Trump was leaving office) you would have heard Trump is a Putin spy and we have the proof. This is true of everything else the media  said about Trump, he did it and we have proof, but the proof never comes.

By only looking at the news once every other week it takes away from the media’s  ability to control my thinking with repetition, fear, and move fast techniques.

I hope the above information helps you. There are a great many people who are asleep. Good decent people who honestly think they are thinking for their self. Please feel free to use any of the information in this blog to teach your friends and loved ones to make the decision, whatever it may be, on their own.

DISCLAIMER – Although we encourage everyone to use the techniques that are described in Neal Brownell The Crazy Inventor’s blogs, the writings in this blog are copywritten and are not to be used by anyone for commercial or public use.

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