School Board Actually Listens to Crazy Inventor

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Holidays for whatever ones I may have missed. Enjoy time with your family and I will see you again in the New Year.

I don’t know how many of you know that I have been speaking in front of the Onteora, NY School Board. To date I have given 10 speeches. Other than the first speech where I just yelled at them, I have been teaching. My Lady Linda has posted 8 of them so far. You can see them on my Neal Brownell The Crazy Inventor channel on YouTube and Facebook and coming soon on Our Freedom Tube, TikTok, Rumble and other platforms. Here is the link to the first speech this year on YouTube –  

The fact is my life has taught me that the vast majority of people are good. The handful of bad actors are the con-artists in positions of economic and political power.

I call them con-artists, because con-artists is exactly what they are. Our government and the trillion dollar corporations study how the human brain works. They then use this information to put forth elaborate illusions (con-games) to fool the people.

The government and the corporations also know that no matter how convincing their con-game is, they will never convince all the people. In order to get around this, they get the people who have fallen for their cons to fight with the people that haven’t fallen. This insures that no one is able to communicate and the con-artists can continue with their illegal and unethical cons.

Because I know that the people on the school board are not evil people, I know that there is not one of them on this school board or any other that want bad for our kids. If you think about it, do you think that the people on the school board sit around saying “boy o boy this will really F!?!??!? our kids up.” “NO” not one of them. THEY ACTUALLY BELIEVE WHAT THEY ARE TEACHING WILL HELP OUR KIDS!

So, if the average person wants good for our kids, then why are people making different decisions? Why are people so passionate about fighting for one side or the other? The answer, the two sides are working with different information! After all, as an inventor if I have different information than someone else, I will never invent the same thing as the other person even if I want to.

Now that we know we are working with different information and we know that the two sides are screaming and yelling at each other, what do we do about it? The first place I go is to professional therapists. Therapists study communication. They then teach couples and others the most effective way to communicate.

When a therapist has a couple in their office and they are not talking at all, the therapist is really concerned. This is because the couple are not even trying to communicate. The therapist is thinking “where do I start to get a couple to communicate who doesn’t care enough to even try to communicate.” However, when a couple comes into the therapist screaming and yelling at each other, they are thinking alright at least they care enough to try to communicate. Now all the therapist has to do is teach them how to communicate so the two of them will start hearing each other.

This brings us back to the school board and everybody yelling at each other. As I have shown above, yelling is actually a good thing. It shows how much each of us cares. Now, all we need is to get the two sides to communicate effectively getting both sides to not only hear each other, but actually understand why each side stands where they stand.

I have had times in my life where someone started yelling at me. Telling me I was wrong and I better change. Like you, I didn’t respond well to yelling and the person yelling got no place. This is why I decided to start teaching the school board why I believe what I believe. At first the board was not happy with my showing them why I believe what I believe. But, in the last speech on 12-06-22, it appeared they were actually hearing and considering my point of view.

No one is going to agree with everything someone else believes. All we can do is to communicate effectively so they at least understand why you stand where you stand. Once they understand why you stand where you stand, it is up to them to make up their own minds.

I am 100% positive that once people actually see through the illusions that these con-artists are putting forth, they will see the government is weaving illusions that instead of leading to Freedom they actually lead to Slavery. Once the people see the con-artists are offering slavery, they will pick FREEDOM.

My school board speeches are only three minutes long. I have designed them so you can easily use the techniques to teach your loved ones FREEDOM. IN FACT YOU CAN JUST SHOW THEM THE VIDEOS. Check them out and use them to win people over to the FREEDOM SIDE! We need everyone if we are going to win this war. No yelling. COMMUNICATE!


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