Teddy’s Gift

I have been told throughout my life that people are bad and evil pays. However, my life has taught me people are good and goodness pays. From time to time I am going to tell stories about events which have taken place in my life that prove I am right; people are good and goodness pays!

Tonight I am going to tell you a true story which happened to my first wife Deb aka hunchkybunchky. Deb was a nurse’s aide who loved taking care of the elderly. Many of her jobs were working privately in people’s homes. One day Deb was hired by a family to take care of their mother. They told her their mother was not that old, but she had a terminal illness which would take her life in a very short time. The mother’s name was Teddy.

When Deb arrived at Teddy’s home the first day, she found Teddy was not only fully functional, but she wouldn’t let Deb do anything. I don’t mean she wouldn’t let Deb do anything for her, she wouldn’t let Deb do anything. Teddy insisted for Deb to sit at the table while she prepared dinner for Deb. She made tea, cleared the table, etc. while Deb just kept Teddy company.

Slowly over the next few weeks Teddy became increasingly ill. Until, about 4 weeks into Deb helping Teddy, Teddy could no longer do anything. Deb was now doing everything she could do to help Teddy and make her as comfortable as possible.

After only 8 weeks Teddy was laying on her death bed. She was so weak she could only move her finger. When she used her finger to get Deb’s attention to tell her something, Deb leaned in close to Teddy. Teddy was so weak, that Deb had to put her ear close to Teddy’s mouth so that she could hear what Teddy needed. Teddy used some of the last strength she had to kiss Deb and say thank you.

These two spirits met as strangers just 8 weeks before.  They helped and cared for each other so deeply that one of them used some of the last little bit of strength left in her body to kiss the other and say thank you. You name me one thing that evil can do that compares to that. PEOPLE ARE GOOD AND GOODNESS PAYS!   

As always, I would love to hear some of your stories that show how amazing people are. Please comment below and if you would like to follow my blog, click on the plus sign in the upper left of the page. See you next week and maybe I’ll be able to share one of your stories.

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