Sarah’s Kindness

I have been told, as far back as I can remember, that crime (evil) pays and that good people always end up last. I know for a fact; goodness pays and crime (evil) leads to an extremely turbulent life. 

A friend of mine relayed the following story involving her eleven-year-old daughter, Sarah (not her real name.) Sarah was one of a number of children who were selected to be an extra in a movie. Sarah was very excited. She wanted to look her best so she asked her mom (Rebecca – not her real name) if she could get her hair and nails done. Of course, her mom said yes. So off to the salon they went.

The next day mom took Sarah to the shoot. Once they arrived the makeup lady was working to get everybody ready. It was obvious that the makeup lady was under a lot of pressure. She was rushing around trying to get her work done. She was not in a good mood.

Well when she got to Sarah her mood went from bad to worse in a split second. The makeup lady took one look at Sarah’s nails and started to flip out. She had picked black nail polish and the movie setting was in the 1950’s. Right in front of Sarah she was enraged saying things like who in their right mind would pick black nail polish for anyone in the 1950’s much less a child. This is a disaster, now how am I going to fix this.

As the woman continued to complain and rush around, Rebecca was becoming increasingly concerned. Sarah is only eleven years old and if this woman is upsetting mom what must she be doing to Sarah. The makeup lady had not even started working on Sarah. She was still getting things off the counter which she felt she needed to try and fix this disaster.

Sarah had said nothing to this point she just sat in the chair and waited for the makeup lady to get ready. Finally, she sat down in front of Sarah and took her little hand in her hand. For the first time Sarah spoke. She looked up at the makeup lady with those big beautiful eleven-year-old eyes and said, “Thank you for helping me.” The makeup lady melted she said, You’re welcome sweety. From then on, her whole demeanor changed.

Isn’t that amazing? With only five little words an eleven-year-old changed everything. For the first time in this situation the makeup lady realized there was something more important than Sarah’s nails and that was Sarah. The human being is always more important than anything.

People are good. People are really good and goodness pays!

As you can see the photo is not of this era, but it is a photo of my wife’s grandmother at about the same age, so we wanted to share it with you. We would really love to share any of your stories, so comment below or share them in the contact form on the website. See you next week!

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