This past week has been full of more events. On Saturday we had a table at the Woodstock, NY Elementary PTA Craft fair. It was a fun event and we made some great connections. Thank you to Gillian Jule and Heather Longyear for having us. Today I had a great interview with Joe Belliston who is the host of the Heroes Like You podcast. I had a lot of fun, Joe is awesome. We will let you know when that episode will be aired. Also, on this coming Friday, November 15, 2019, my wife, Linda and I have been asked to make our first TV appearance for You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It!  The name of the show is Let’s Live! with Thurman Greco and it is on Woodstock, NY Cable channel 23 at 7 pm. If you get a chance tune it in! Last, but certainly not least, our computer guru, Shane of Zeromorph has designed a page at    At present we are running a contest on that page. If you enter your email you get a free download of a portion of You’re Amazing,  and if you win, you get an autographed copy of You’re Amazing along with one of our new Knowledge Is Freedom Publishing t-shirts that says “There Are No Throw-Away People!” Enter now! The next winner will be announced on November 30, 2019.


I was on Dr. Kristina Hallett’s podcast, the Be Awesome show, on Oct. 30, 2019. Dr. Kristina and I had a great discussion on You’re Amazing along with other things. She and I were talking about our different experiences which have shown us people are good, people are really good.

In the middle of our discussion Dr. Kristina, kind of thinking out loud said, she really didn’t plan on asking me a question about politics, but she felt compelled to ask.

From an inventor’s point of view, I answered her question by saying, “I don’t know if this will answer your question directly, but I do feel an injustice has been done to our kids. They aren’t being taught the whole picture. Our kids are only being taught the bad things about America and none of the good.” I told Dr. Kristina that I wasn’t just pulling this out of my hat. I told her I have talked to our kids. Kids that range in age from 8 years old up to 30 years old. I know 30 is not a kid, but they went through the same education system in which our 8-year-olds are now going through. I told Dr. Kristina and her audience, when I talk to the kids, I ask them why they think America is so bad? The one consistent thing they say is America had slavery.

I will be the first to say slavery in any form is horrible. However, with that said, I ask the kids what are they comparing America with? The kids just kind of look at me. They then say something like, “what do you mean?” I tell them that as an inventor I don’t have the luxury of using some information and not using other information. I have to see the good and the bad. If I don’t, I can’t invent anything. So, to answer their question, “what do you mean?”, I say we have to ask some questions.

 First Question: Has there ever been another country and/or civilization that had slavery?

Answer: Almost every civilization that has ever existed has had slavery.

Second question: If almost every civilization that has ever existed has had slavery, are there any countries/civilizations that have slavery today? The answer to this question is chilling.

Answer: Yes, there are so many countries today that have slavery, it is horrifying.

Third question: If there are countries that have slavery to this very day, how long have these countries existed?

Answer: There are countries that have existed for thousands of years and still exist today, who have had slavery for their entire existence.

Fourth question: If there are countries that have existed for thousands of years who have had slavery for thousands of years, how long did America have slavery?

Answer: America was founded in 1776 and by 1865 America no longer had slavery. America got rid of slavery in 89 years. 89 years is faster than any other civilization that has ever existed and we are being told America is the worst country ever.

As an inventor I want to use the system that works the best. In this case I not only will pick America’s system, I will teach it to my students. We as a society need to start teaching the good and the bad.

America is amazing and this is part of it’s history that proves it. More lesson to come.

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