Last week I told you Lady Linda and I are working on our first YouTube video/class – Science vs God. We worked on it all week and we finally have all of the props we need for the class. We should have the class up in the next few days. We will post it on all the different social media when it is available. It is really cool what our class Science vs God teaches, so be sure to check it out.

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As I told you, my appearance on the Which Way? podcast with Shari and Jann Simmons aired on January 10, 2020. Below is the link to that episode. I had so much fun.  Shari and Jann are helping a lot of people.

Now for this week’s story:

You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It! I know I have spoken of the fact that today is the greatest time in history to live. I also have spoken of the fact that I feel we are doing a great injustice to our kids by teaching only the bad things that are happening in our world and little to nothing about what is good. I have been told by so many people that the internet is the worst thing ever invented. Well, as an inventor, I’m here to show you that the internet is the second greatest invention ever.

For right now I will let you wonder what the number one greatest invention is. If you would like you can write me and I’ll send you a personal e-mail/text whatever showing you what the number one greatest invention is. Better yet when you ask me, why don’t you tell me what you think it is.

If we go back in time only 40 years, it is now 1980. In 1980 if you are trying to invent something or if you’re just trying to find out some information, you have to leave your home and go to a bookstore or a library. Once you arrive, you still have to find what you’re looking for and there was an extremely good chance the store or the library wouldn’t have the book you needed. It was even highly likely the information was unavailable no matter where you went. If information is power and power is freedom then in 1980, we as individuals were at a tremendous disadvantage.

Now let’s fast forward to today, 2020. My Lady Linda and I are information junkies. It seems that not a day goes by without us looking lots of things up on the internet. All we need is a question and the internet. How many days do the Olympics last? What is the most powerful permanent magnet available to the consumer and what can you invent with them? How do magicians do card tricks? It really makes no difference what you want to know. It is highly likely that you can find the information you need.

Just the other day I said something to Lady Linda about watching table tennis during the Olympics. She looked at me with this perplexed face and said, “TABLE TENNIS you have got to be kidding me?” Instead of trying to explain it to her I walked over and looked up table tennis on YouTube. I picked a video that said something about the most incredible points ever played in table tennis. Linda then spent the next hour and a half riveted to the screen. All the time saying this is incredible I had no idea how amazing this game and the players are.

You have more information at your fingertips at any given moment than our ancestors had during their entire life and I am talking about ancestors who lived only 20 years ago. So, the next time you are frustrated and having trouble figuring out what to do, relax and remember our ancestors starting only 20 years ago and going back in history from there had little to no access to information. The world has always had trying times. However, because of the time we live in and the information available, we will solve the problems of today and move into an even greater time to live going forward. Tomorrow is bright! In future blogs I will write about the inventions that are coming and how amazing our lives are and will be.

As always, I welcome your comments and stories. If you would like to follow my blog, please click on the plus (+) sign in the upper left-hand corner of this page. See you next week!

Neal G. Brownell



Twitter:  @NealGBrownell

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