Our News of what happened this week with You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It! for this blog will be at the end. The young man pictured above is our 5 year old grandson, Eden.


I was talking to my Lady Linda about the fact that life is hard. I don’t mean it’s hard for me and not for someone else. It makes no difference who you are, what your background is, or anything else, life is hard.

So, I was telling Linda that if life is going to be hard whether you try to achieve something or not, then why don’t we try to achieve greatness. Sure, trying to be great is going to be hard, but we have already established that life is hard regardless of whether we try or not. So, in my mind, I’m going to go through the hard times of trying to be great long before I’ll decide to go through the hard times of not trying.

Dare to be great,

You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It!

News of the week

I have booked another podcast interview for Thursday, February 13 with Dawn Westmoreland of The Empowered Whistleblower podcast.  She discusses strategies with her guests to stand up to bullying and discrimination for adults and children. This podcast offers tips on resiliency, overcoming, healing, and other guidance to empower listeners. I look forward to discussing my unique way of teaching positive self-esteem through the eyes of an inventor with Dawn.

We recently found out that the link that we shared on Facebook and Twitter to listen to my conversation with Shari and Jann Simmons of the Which Way? podcast didn’t work. We are talking to our tech guru and he will help us with that so that everyone can listen to my first aired podcast!

Linda and I are still struggling with getting everything set up for YouTube. I think we are close and we should have our Science vs God Class up soon. Until next time, You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It!

As always, I welcome your comments and stories. If you would like to follow my blog, please click on the plus (+) sign in the upper left-hand corner of this page. See you next week!

Neal G. Brownell





Facebook:  www.facebook.com/nealgbrownell.author.publicspeaker

Twitter:  @NealGBrownell

Guest on – Be Awesome Podcast with Dr. Kristina Hallett (air date TBD)                                            

                 Heroes Like You Podcast with Joe Belliston (air date TBD)

                 Let’s Live! with Thurman Greco – Woodstock, NY cable TV

                 Beyond Risk and Back with Aaron Huey (air date TBD)     Which Way? with Shari and Jann Simmons (air date Friday 1/10/20)

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