I was looking through my blog posts over this past year and I realized that I haven’t shared many excerpts from my book, You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It! I told you the story of Little Neal and Mrs. Anderson, my teacher who changed my life forever, but I haven’t shared many excerpts from the book.

The one story that has been very powerful is the story in the book that is called Everyone Is Special. This set of stories is called What I Learned From A Game and tells several stories about what I learned about life from the game of basketball. I am going to share an excerpt from this story with you this week. To find the whole story and many other stories like it you can go to www.youreamazingandillproveit.com and buy the book in our gift shop. It will help each and every one of us to discover that we are amazing and find our true passion and purpose for our lives. You Are Amazing!

I don’t have a picture of Bobby, so I used a photo of my grandson at basketball practice.

Now for the excerpt from the story Everyone Is Special:

I continued to practice all the

time. Little by little, I slowly

got better. With all the practicing

and hard work, by the time

I was a senior in high school, I

was not only one of the best

players in the school, I was

one of the best players in our


Every year, all the boys in the

school had to play basketball in

gym class. Each class picked teams and played against each other.

In order to pick these teams, we needed captains. I was chosen to

be one of the captains. As captain, I had to pick the players I wanted

on my team.

Each captain took turns picking players from the class one at

a time until everyone was picked. One of the players I picked was

a boy named Bobby. Most of the kids in our school did not like

Bobby. The other kids said he was dumb. He had no athletic abilities.

Everyone in gym class told me he was going to be useless as a

basketball player. I told them they were wrong, and I would prove it

to them. I had no idea how Bobby was going to help my team. I just

had a feeling that Bobby would make a difference.   ……

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You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It!

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