The Magnificent History of Women

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You already know that I’m an inventor, a crazy inventor in fact. Well along with being an inventor, I’m also a historian of inventions. The more information I can get from any and everywhere, regardless of when it happened in history, the better off an inventor is. Knowledge is truly one of the pieces that you need in order to be free. This means  the more knowledge you have of history the better off you are going to be.

One of the things that upsets me about history is the enormous lack of information about certain groups of people, one of them being women. Throughout history the primary people that were able to get into positions of authority, (kings, queens, popes, bishops) prevented the ability of the average person to learn, regardless of sex, race, religion or anything else you can think of. They prevented the spread of knowledge by not allowing the average person to be educated. One of these massive groups was women.

I have been told many times throughout my life that women just aren’t as strong as men. Well I have had two magnificent women in my lifetime. My first wife passed away at 38 and 4 years later my second wife, Lady Linda, came along and was nuts enough to make a lifelong commitment to be with me. If the only information I have on whether women are strong or not is from these 2 women, I will guarantee you that there is no difference in strength between the sexes. Women have massive strength.

I can tell you a story that will prove that women are incredibly strong. As I said earlier I study history, so this means that I study everything I can get my hands on. Awhile ago I wanted to know more about womens’ history, because you just don’t hear it. Well, because the average man was limited in what he was allowed to learn and women weren’t allowed to educate themselves at all, there is virtually no recorded history of women. Can you imagine how frustrating that is to someone like myself who has to have as much information as possible? Well, I was able to find a couple of places where women were able to record the things that they did.

One of my favorite recorded history of women is in a diary entitled “A Midwife’s Tale” which is a book by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich which was also developed into a DVD presentation. This true story proves that women are massively strong. In “A Midwife’s Tale”, the midwife, her name was Martha Ballard, wrote in her diary what she did every day for twenty-seven years starting in 1785.

In the town that Martha lived in she recorded the illnesses, the births, the medical needs, as well as recording an epidemic of scarlet fever and how it spread throughout her town in Maine.  

So I am going to use her to prove that women are massively strong. Martha raised her niece, Parthenia, from a very young age, because her sister had died. She raised her niece like she was her own child. The love between them was massive, as it is between the majority of parents and their children. Parthenia grew up and moved out of the home and started her own life. She lived across town.

After some time of Parthenia living on her own with her husband, Martha came home and one of the townspeople told her that her niece was sick and that she needed to go see her. So Martha went to see what she could do medically to help her niece.

When she arrived at Parthenia’s home, Martha found that her niece was extremely sick. She immediately started to doctor her, doing everything in her power to save her niece’s life. Over a 4 month period of doctoring Parthenia,  Martha slowly watched her niece die.

Martha was the primary physician in the town. There were a couple of other physicians in the town, however Martha was called on most of the time. She felt that the newest doctor in town was essentially a quack. Nobody knew what Parthenia had died of, and it was important that they knew if it was contagious and was going to affect other people in the town. Well Martha didn’t trust the other doctors, so she attended the autopsy of her beloved niece/daughter.

As of the writing of this, I am a 61 year old man and have had many extreme hardships in my life. I’m a 6’4”, 210 lbs., fully grown man, and I cannot even imagine putting one of my loved ones on the table and watching someone carve into them, no matter how much it’s needed. I have an incredible imagination and I won’t even begin to allow myself to go to such a place, much less actually do it. So don’t ever tell me that women aren’t as strong as men, I know better. Women like men are just magnificent human beings.

The real reason that I’m writing this particular blog is because of the lack of information on women throughout history. Lady Linda got me into genealogy and it is extremely difficult to track women throughout history, because they took their husband’s name.

I would recommend to all married women to add their maiden name back into their name along with their husband’s name, if they took their husband’s name. I’m not suggesting that you do this for yourself, I’m suggesting that you do this for your descendants. Life is really short and with the blink of an eye 200 years have gone by, and your great-great grandchildren will be in the same boat that I am in right now. They won’t be able to find out any history about you and all the knowledge and experiences that you have acquired and lived will be lost.

The last thing that an inventor wants to have to do is to have to reinvent something that has already been invented. I would much rather say Jessica came up with a great idea 200 years ago and I can use that in one of my inventions. I don’t have to discover it all over again.

An inventor is all about doing it the easiest way they possibly can, so please if you are a married woman, at least consider adding your maiden name back in with your married name. That way inventors like me will be able to track your history and all the incredible things you have done.

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