The Science of Prayer

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Now for this week’s story:

I’ve been doing a series on Science Proves God Exists. I told you in the past that I am not a religious man, but I am an extremely spiritual man. This series started when I realized that the space program, String Theory, and a scientific military program called Stargate showed that there is a universal energy that, without a doubt, has all five characteristics that religion tells us God has.

In the last few blogs in this series, I have been discussing how science through String Theory has proven mathematically that different dimensions exist. I go into how two of these dimensions could easily be Heaven and Hell. I discussed how the military is conducting covert psychic testing and is using what they call Remote Viewers to psychically project themselves to other locations and view our enemy’s locations and plans. One of the things I didn’t cover was how the Remote Viewers can also project themselves to any time they want. Time travel is possible with String Theory and what religion teaches us about God. Remember all things are possible within God, from my Video Science Proves God Exists – this includes time travel.

I discussed that you can scientifically draw good energy to you. I discussed how the different dimensions can and do effect one another. All of this I discovered either through String Theory, the space program, the military’s study of Remote Viewing, and personal experience with unexplained events happening to me personally. The thing that I find most fascinating about all of this is religion has been telling us these things for centuries.

This week I want to talk about what science through String Theory says about prayer. String Theory tells us we are all vibrating strings of pure energy, as well as the air and everything else. So, it would stand to reason I should be able scientifically to send good thoughts/good energy/prayers to other people. Religion has taught us for centuries that prayer can and does help.

My question is, are there any documented scientific medical cases where prayer made a difference in the patient’s outcome? In other words did the patient get better because of prayer?

I imagine there are quite a few, but I can’t imagine a case that is better medically documented than the case of John Smith. The case of John Smith is portrayed in a movie entitled Breakthrough. If you get a chance to watch Breakthrough I highly recommend it. Make sure you also watch the special features. They show the actual people involved and how thousands of people used good thoughts/good energy/prayers to heal him.

John Smith is a boy who at fourteen years old fell through the ice into the icy water below and was under water for fifteen minutes. The paramedic who found the boy was and may still be an atheist, but he said he heard a clear voice tell him where John’s body was. Once they found his body John had no pulse, and was totally unresponsive to anything they did on the scene. At the hospital they worked on John doing everything medically possible to save John’s life.

After doing everything they could 45 minutes had passed and John still had no pulse, brain waves, or any other sign of life. The doctor called the time of death and he and his team left the room to tell John’s Adopted Mother. The doctor told her she could have all the time she needed to say good bye to her son.

She went into the room where John’s body was and basically started yelling at the spirit world. She called it the Holy Spirit. Telling them they were not allowed to have her son. Begging them to give him back. Suddenly while she prayed John’s body had a pulse.

The pulse was very weak, so they decided to air lift John to another hospital that specialized in these kind of cases. At the new hospital the doctor told John’s Mom there was no hope for John. He told her his internal damage was catastrophic throughout his entire body. John’s heart was barely functioning and may stop at any moment. He had no brain activity and his brain was swelling. One of John’s lungs was collapsed and the other was full of blood. John had one catastrophic injury after another. Medically there was no hope.

John’s mother told the doctor to do everything he medically could for her son and then leave the rest up to God. She refused to let anyone have bad thoughts around John. Good energy heals – String Theory at its best.

The entire town started praying along with countless people who knew of John’s case via social media. John started getting stronger to the point the hospital put out notices to the prayer groups on which part of John’s body he needed healed.

Seventy-two hours after John fell through the ice, he was awake and today is healthy and sharing his story on how he was healed by good energy. String Theory says good energy heals. Religion says good prayer heals. And, here we have clear documented medical fact that good energy can be transmitted through the air to other people. John’s case is so profound that the first emergency room doctor is quoted as saying – “Patient died. Mom Prayed. Patient came back to life.” Dr. Sutterer

So the answer to my question is there documented medical evidence that you can send good energy to other people is YES!

Keep sending out good thoughts both to yourself as well as the people around you!

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