Learn to Program Your Own Mind or Someone Else Will! – #1

Happy New Year! As I told you last week we are in the process of testing new book covers for You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It! The present cover gives the look of being a child’s book and it really is not. Children from 9 years old and up have greatly benefited from You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It!, and so have adults – it is a book for all ages. The new cover looks totally different. It looks like we have one and we will be sharing it on Facebook and other places once we make the final decision.

Now for this week’s story:

I have been thinking about the subject this blog is about for a long time. I was not sure if I should write about this subject. I meditated about it, asking for the spirit world to let me know if I should write about this subject. Then the other day, while I was just sitting around (It’s covid time, what else is there to do.), the words “Program Your Mind or Someone Else Will” came to me. I took this, as well as the political things that are going on right now, as a sign that I should write about this subject. What is the subject you might ask? If you do it yourself, then it’s called Programming Your Mind. When someone else does it for you it is called Brainwashing.

I became interested in how the mind is programmed back in the 1980’s. I was watching a talk show and they were talking to Dr.Timothy Leary. Timothy Leary was a very controversial man. He looked at life differently than most people. He was on this talk show because he had written an article about how to brainwash someone.

Well, someone took this information and used it to brainwash a girl and held her in captivity for a number of years. Finally the girl was freed and the media wanted to talk with Dr. Leary. This is why he was on the talk show I was watching. When the host asked Dr. Leary if he felt bad about writing the article, he instantaneously said NO! He said the reason he had written the article in the first place, was because brainwashing was so easy to do that the only defense against being brainwashed is knowing how it is done.

The fact is anyone can be brainwashed if they don’t know how it is done. It makes no difference what your education is. It makes no difference how old you are, what your religion is, what your ethnicity is, or anything else. If you don’t know what to look for and/or what to do to stop it, you can be brainwashed. Because of this, I decided to learn how brainwashing is done.

I personally believe Dr. Leary meant well, but his introduction to brainwashing was terrible. For this reason, I am going to write about how you program your mind, as well as how to resist the society’s brainwashing techniques. I am going to write about one technique each week for a number of weeks to follow.

The first way to get past the programming techniques is to ASK QUESTIONS and then SEEK OUT THE ANSWERS. For instance when Trump was first in office the mainstream media was telling everyone, day in and day out, that our President was going to get us in a nuclear war with North Korea. I talked to a lot of young people at that time and they were scared to death.

The two techniques that the media is using here is giving you only the information they want you to have (CONTROL THE INFORMATION) and  scaring you with that information (FEAR).

In other words, false information and fear. Two very effective things if you want to control someone (program them to make the decision you want them to make).

So let’s see if we can see through the brainwashing the media wants for you.

When the young people told me how frightened they were, I told them that I didn’t want them to get me wrong. Nuclear war is nothing anyone wants, but can I ask a few questions? They said, “Yes”! I said, “Great”!

The first question I have is, Do you know how big North Korea is? They Said, “No”! I told them they should look it up for themselves, but for now North Korea is about the size of the State of New York and it’s population is about the size of the State of Texas.

The next question I have is how much money does  North Korea have? In other words what is their GDP? The young people didn’t know. Again I told them they should look up the answer to all these questions for themselves. However the answer to the question how much money does North Korea have, is less than the city of New York! I am not talking about New York State I am talking about only New York City. The North Korean people are literally starving.

The next question I have is what kind of a military does North Korea have? The answer to this question is a little less then a million men.

The next question is how well armed is North Korea’s Military? Well, the country has less money than NYC, so how well equipped can they be in comparison to the USA. They have no money.

I then looked at the young people and said, “So, the mainstream media is telling me that a dead broke, starving ‘New York’, who has no military equipment and no money to get it, is going to attack the most powerful nation in all of history.”

I reiterated that anything is possible, but I highly doubt North Korea is going to attack us. I told them that the mainstream media is just trying to scare them. Every group of people I have ever done this with has felt better and stopped worrying about North Korea and other subjects that I asked questions about.

In other words, by asking questions and then answering them with factual information, they could see through the mind programming/brainwashing. I will talk about another mind programming/brainwashing technique in next week’s blog. In the meantime, for anyone who wants to teach someone to see through what the mainstream media is doing, please feel free to use the information from this blog.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It! it message is profound. One could only hope that the message of love and understanding of ones self as well as the people around them will catch on like a wild fire across the entire world. In my book, You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It!, the reader answers questions at the end of each story and discovers for themself that they are as amazing as any other spirit on this planet. No better, but every bit as good as any other spirit. Once the reader understands that they are amazing, the only thing left for them to do to have true happiness is to find their passion.

If you are not doing what is your passion, you are living in an alternate reality. Every second that you live outside of your passion feels like a lifetime of misery. In You’re Amazing we stress how important it is that you find your passion. For this reason, we have a section in You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It! that shows you one of the ways to find your passion and help in your journey to find your purpose in life. Order today at www.youreamazingandillproveit.com !

As always, I welcome your comments and stories. If you would like to follow my blog, please click on the plus (+) sign in the upper left-hand corner of this page. See you next week!

You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It!

Neal G. Brownell






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