America’s Compassion – Part 2

Hi! Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying a little bit warmer weather – a peek at spring. Our tech guru Shane has talked to me about a new avenue – life coaching via phone, Zoom and others. We are in the process of setting it all up and will let you know more about it in the coming weeks.

As we told you last week, my appearance on The Power To Pivot podcast will go live on March 16. This podcast can be found on Anchor, Apple, Spotify, Radiopublic and Audible. Check her podcasts out, she has a lot of helpful information. Thanks Elizabeth. She will send us a link which we will share with you when we have it.

Now for this week’s story:

America’s Compassion – Part 2

Continuing from last week 3-3-21 –

#1 – It makes sense that if we are working with different information we would invent something totally different. #2 – Is actually part of one, because if the source we are receiving our information from is giving us false or only partial information, we would also invent something totally different from the person who had all the factual information. Annnnd, this is a huge AND, and if someone is using false or only part of the information, whatever they are trying to invent will never work!

Still working with #2, if the person or persons (the giver) giving the false or partial information knows how to get the information in without the receiver questioning, the giver can get the receiver to make the decision they want them to make. At which point the receiver will also never invent a machine or world that will work.

With all the above being said, I as an inventor have more questions. How do we as individuals know when the information is complete and factual? And, how do we know if someone is trying to manipulate our decision?

The answer to both questions starts with the knowledge you have about how your own brain works. I find it ironic that our brain is the most marvelous computer ever created and yet almost none of us know how to program it.

The programming of a computer is perhaps the most important part. If it is not programmed correctly, then it will never perform the way you want it to. The programming of your own brain should be done by you and you alone. It is also so easy, that if you don’t know how it is done someone else can easily program it for you.

Because of this if someone else programs your brain they can get good people to make bad decisions thinking they are doing good. For this reason I have started a series called Program Your Own Mind or Someone Else Will! This series covers many subjects like “How are con games run and how do I defend against the con?” “What are the components of a con game and what is the best con a con artist can run?”

The United States government has been running one con after another for over 100 years. As we go forward with this and other series, we will talk in depth about some of the cons. But for now, one of the cons that our government is running is that they are teaching our children that they live in the worst country in all of history because America had slavery. If they can convince our kids that America is the worst country ever, then they can get our kids to destroy America. The con is designed to get our kids to make the decision to destroy America.

You notice the con artist (government) doesn’t give our kids any factual information, all they give them is opinion and half-truths. Well I’m an inventor and I can’t invent anything on someone’s opinion. I need verifiable facts. So what are the facts.

Ancient Egypt had slavery for roughly 3,000 years which is all of its’ existence. Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome had slavery for all of their existence. But they were in the ancient world, what about today?

I am told how great Communist China is. China has had slavery for all of its’ existence which is thousands of years and Communist China still has it today. In fact, Communist China has more slaves today than any other time in all of their history. India has the largest amount of slaves in all of history right now.

The modern day Middle East has slavery today and they have had it for thousands of years. There has been slavery all over Africa for thousands of years and they still have it today. Slavery has existed in different countries in South America since they were founded and it still exists today. Russia has had slavery for thousands of years and Communist Russia still has it today.

I was talking to a high school senior who told me she and her class were going to Denmark for a class trip. I told her that was awesome. I asked her what they were going to learn? She said, we are going to learn about social justice. I asked her how bad is America with social justice? She informed me America was the worst country ever.

I did some research and found that Denmark had slavery twice in its existence and both times it was for a hundred years each.

Australia started its’ slave system when America ended hers. The Aussies decided they were going to take advantage of the cotton shortage which was caused by America ending her slavery. The Aussies then had slavery for one hundred years.

So other civilizations had slavery for no less than one hundred years. Others had it for hundreds of years. Still others had slavery for thousands of years and still have it.

So, how does America’s record of slavery stack up against the others? After all our kids are being taught by our government that America is the worst ever and needs to be destroyed. We will talk more about this in our final installment of America’s Compassion next week.

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