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There is another avenue that I am going to enter into and that is Coaching one-on-one via phone and internet. I have coached individuals through You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It! and through my workshops, but this will be a more personal one-on-one experience. I will let you know once we have it all set up. The name I have chosen is Unlock Your Life Coaching. I want to share with everyone how I overcame being born essentially blind, being misdiagnosed as mentally slow, and being taught that I was worthless. I will also show you how you can overcome your hardships too in a way that makes you feel good to be alive! If you know of anyone who needs to Unlock Their Life, send me a message and I will contact them once the coaching page is set up.

Now for this week’s story:

America’s Compassion – Part 3

Continuing from last week 3-10-21 –

So other civilizations had slavery for no less than one hundred years. Others had it for hundreds of years. Still others had slavery for thousands of years and still have it.

So, how does America’s record of slavery stack up against the others? After all our kids are being taught by our government that America is the worst ever and needs to be destroyed.

Only 4 years after America’s birth some of the colonies were already abolishing slavery. In 1794 only 18 years after her birth, the first of a series of Slave Trade Acts were passed by the Congress of the United States of America. In 1807, 31 years after America’s birth, the final Slave Trade Act was passed by Congress. The act abolished the importing of slaves from other countries. Remember, when the series of Slave Trade Acts were started, America was only 18 years old.

America is not responsible for any slavery before she was born. Many of our founding fathers fought to have slavery abolished in the founding documents. Although they were initially unable to do away with it at our birth, they were able to write documents that would not let slavery expand.

The Southern Democrats, who wanted slavery at all cost, told Lincoln they were going to secede from the Union. Lincoln said, “Not so fast! You are not allowed to secede.” The Southern Democrats said, “The US Constitution says we can leave.” Lincoln told them, “You’re Wrong! The US Constitution says, a state can secede from the Union if their Constitutional rights are being trampled on. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that anyone is allowed to expand slavery, which means your Constitutional rights have not been trampled on.”

The United States of America’s Constitution got rid of slavery completely in only 89 years. This is faster than any other civilization in history. America is the greatest invention in all of history. We really need to start teaching the truth. Within the truth we must teach the bad as well as the good. Yes, we treated the Native American Indians badly. However, with that said, there are no Native Americans who want to go back to living as cavemen.

Ok that’s one of her negatives. We have already told you about her incredible 89 year record with slavery. Let’s look at another one of America’s good points, how about this. I have been asking people if they can name me a Society / Empire / Country that conquered another Society, then rebuilt the Society, and then gave it back to the people who were just conquered? There is only one in all of history – America! America conquered Japan and Germany then rebuilt them and gave them back to the Japanese and German people.

Here’s one most people don’t know because our government-run schools are not teaching it.

The Texans declared their independence from Mexico March 2, 1836. Then because Mexico would not leave the Texans alone, 9 years after their founding they joined the USA December 29, 1845. The United States of America then told Mexico to leave Texas alone. Mexico did not, this led to the Mexican-American War. Most people know the above about Mexico, what they don’t know is how much of Mexico did America conquer? The answer is all of it!

America conquered all the way down to and including Mexico City. Once America conquered Mexico, what did she do? America paid off Mexico’s war debt and gave the land that is Mexico today back to them. Telling Mexico to leave us alone.  

Nowhere in history has a country like America ever existed. The vast majority of the time America has acted with compassion and goodness. By raising others up, I raise myself. Teach the children they live in the most Amazing Country of all times. Give them a sense of pride to make life easier. Our government has been teaching our kids for the last 50 years that America needs to be destroyed. Fifty years is a long time and our government has done great damage. So, this fight for America will take time, after all they have a fifty year start, but slowly one child at a time we can and will take our country back.

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