Teaching The Game of Life – The Vulnerability of Your Teeth

Welcome. We are getting closer to launching our special offer for my book The Doorway – To Finding Your Purpose In Life. This week we had our brilliant design lady, Erin, at The Turning Mill design the book cover for The Doorway. It is beautiful and we will share it with you as soon as the special offer page is completed. Our awesome tech guru, Shane, is working on putting the page together for the special offer.

We had a comment on last week’s blog that I wrote about teaching your children to drive and that neither one of my children have had an accident. This lady commented that she had taught her daughter to drive in a similar way, except she used an industrial park instead of a mall. And the wonderful thing is her daughter is in her 30’s and she has also never had an accident. Lady Linda and I love to hear comments on my blogs, so please share anything you would like with us.

Now for this week’s story:

One of the things that I have always been able to do is to see value in other people. Because of this when I was a young boy I liked to hang out with older people. I figured that they had wisdom that comes with time and I could save time by learning this wisdom from them. The reason I am writing this blog series, Teaching The Game of Life, is to pass on some of the knowledge I have accumulated during my 62 years to everyone.

The Vulnerability of Your Teeth – Today I want to tell you what you need to know and they don’t tell you about your teeth. We all know that you only get one set of adult permanent teeth. As I have gone through life, I have taken extremely good care of my teeth. However, because I didn’t know how vulnerable my teeth are, I have had some problems.

#1 – As a child I didn’t know how easy it is to chip my teeth. One day I was playing with a walky-talky that had an antenna that pulled out. Well, instead of using my hand, I pulled it out with my front teeth, chipping one of them. Luckily it was a small chip and the dentist was able to grind it out. So take care of your teeth and teach the children how easy it is to damage your teeth by using them for things they are not meant for.

#2 – Another one of the things I was not taught is how vulnerable our back (molars) teeth are. These molars are our crushing and grinding teeth. Without these molars there are a lot of foods that are very difficult to eat. As a young man, being foolish and not having the knowledge I needed, I bit into a frozen peanut, cracking one of my molars.

When I went to the dentist he informed me that I had actually done really good with my molars. He told me most people have already lost many of their molars because they are so vulnerable to damage and decay. He said the molars are formed in such a way that they trap food and sugars in places that floss can’t get to. Hence the decay.

When he told me this I wasn’t happy. I was thinking why don’t people like dentists and others who know about teeth teach us about the vulnerability of our molars. The dentist also told me that when you lose even one tooth it puts more pressure on all the other teeth and you tend to start losing more teeth.

So, from here on out take care of your molars. Like all your teeth, make sure you floss. But specifically for your molars, don’t bite into anything too hard. Don’t chew fast in case there is something hard in the food you don’t know about. And it is a must that no matter how well you brush and floss, that you get your back molars cleaned of anything that is trapped in them that may cause decay. Only the dentist can clean these teeth well enough to prevent decay.

If you would like to help prevent problems with your teeth, you might want to use these techniques. You may also want to teach your loved ones how to take care of their teeth. You never know how important your teeth are until you are having problems with them. Also if you would forward this message, together we can help the next generation preserve their teeth. Knowledge Is Freedom.

The Doorway – To Finding Your Purpose In Life

What am I here for? This is perhaps the most common question people have asked since the beginning of time. What most people don’t understand is that no one sees the world the way you do. This makes your vision of the world unique to you and only you. This means that you are the only one that can bring your vision to the world by using your special gift.

However, where do you even start to look for your unique gift and how do you bring it to the world? The answer to these questions are inside The Doorway. Read The Doorway – To Finding Your Purpose In Life and start living your purpose-filled life today!    – Neal G. Brownell

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