Welcome. I know that when blogging I am supposed to be shall I say punctual and put up a blog on the same day each week. However, to be honest with you, when you are trying to market a book, make videos, and also run another business, time gets away from you when you are just a mom and pop in both areas. So please understand when I don’t get the blog up on Wednesday and occasionally don’t get one up at all. It doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate your support, it just means that there aren’t enough hours in a day. I love you all.

This week’s story is the story of one of my Neal – The Crazy Inventor videos that I posted on my YouTube Channel. It is the third in a series, so check out all three of my Who Is The Winner? videos on YouTube.

Now for this week’s story:

Who Is The Winner – Imagination

A few months ago I recorded 3 videos for my Neal – The Crazy Inventor YouTube channel, entitled Who Is The Winner. This blog is about the third video in that series.

As you will see in the first two episodes of Who is the Winner, when you hold someone down you hold yourself down every bit as much. You’ve seen this on a personal basis with 2 men.  In episode 2 of Who Is The Winner, you will see that this happens on a societal scale as well (I explore it happening in Ancient Greece, Egypt, Rome, and the Middle Ages.) During these times they were holding themselves down so much that there were virtually no inventions. The few that they had were unavailable to the average person. This held the society back immensely to the point there were virtually no inventions. They were too busy beating each other up to have time enough to imagine a greater and better world.

And then, 7,776 years after the beginning of Ancient Greece, the greatest invention of all times was invented. When this invention happened, for the first time in all of history, going back to the beginning of mankind, a person could get ahead by helping to raise another person’s life.  Four years after this invention came about it was improved upon. Within 14 years there was another major improvement and then within 89 years the final improvement to stop stealing from one another was put in place.

So what is this invention and the second question is what improvements were made on the invention? Rather than me tell you the answer to the first question, why don’t I tell you the answer to the second one and that will help you to answer the first question.

Second question – What improvements were made on this invention? Within 4 years of this invention being invented, the new state of Massachusetts made slavery illegal. 14 years after this invention was invented, the U.S. Patent office was formed. Although the U.S. patent office was not the only patent office in the world at the time, it was the only patent office where the average person could afford to get a patent. It was the first time in history that patents were cheap. If you look up patents prior to 1790, there are almost none. This is because only the rich could afford it and if only the rich could afford it, then the rich didn’t bother to afford it, they could just steal it.

Then one new state after another started to make slavery illegal. Until, as we all know, the Civil War which set all slaves free, only 89 years after the greatest invention of all times happened.

This leads us back to What is the greatest invention of all times? Ta ta da, the greatest invention of all times is America. America is the first society to ever be set up allowing the individual to imagine a greater life. America allows the inventor in all of us to better our life by bettering other people’s lives. America is also a country of laws, it’s not a country of opinions. Each of us has an opinion, but when it comes right down to it, do you have documentation to prove that what you are saying is true? Before America, it was I’m bigger and tougher than you are, so I’m going to beat you up and make you do stuff for me.

America recently has been given a bad name by people who want to beat her up and take all of her stuff. Do not ever let them take America away from you. It is the greatest gift to mankind of all times. As a Crazy Inventor I truly believe that America was divinely inspired. She is not perfect, but she is tremendously good. As this series moves forward I am going to show you some of the things that America has done that are not being taught in our schools. Maybe in the next outing, I will tell you about the man in the truck pulling a trailer. I’ll leave you with that one to think about what that one is about. It’s about American history.

The Doorway – To Finding Your Purpose In Life

What am I here for? This is perhaps the most common question people have asked since the beginning of time. What most people don’t understand is that no one sees the world the way you do. This makes your vision of the world unique to you—and only you. This means that you are the only one that can bring your vision to the world by using your special gift.

However, where do you even start to look for your unique gift? And how do you bring it to the world? The answers to these questions are inside The Doorway.

Read The Doorway – To Finding Your Purpose In Life and start living your purpose-filled life today! – Neal G. Brownell

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You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It!

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