Hello! Hope everyone is well. We had a great time last weekend with our kids and grandkids and our great-grandson who turned 2! I am working on a new video for our special offer website. If you haven’t seen the site yet, go to and you will see what an awesome job Shane and his crew have done for us.

Now to continue last week’s story:

Last week we ended by introducing you to two people by telling you their deeds.

First I introduced you to someone who cut taxes then implemented a national project and the economy and living standard of the people of the United States soared.

Next I introduced you to someone who told everyone if they follow them their lives would be better. They told everyone, I will do everything for you. The people followed them. They grabbed power and then started killing anyone they felt like killing.

Now to continue the story of how as a people, we are much closer than you think.

In order for you to understand who these people are, I need you to picture a circle with a line down the middle, splitting the circle in half vertically. One side of the circle is the right side, the other is the left. Right wing, left wing. Now point your index finger straight out and put them together in front of you. Here with your hands together the right wing and the left wing come together. Here the right wing and the left wing agree on almost everything.

Both say we should help people. Lift people. Help them to be better than they think they can be. Here the left and the right go out of their way to better people’s lives.

Now I want you to slowly separate your hands and start to draw a circle. As your hands get farther and farther apart the left and the right disagree on more and more things. Then you finally reach the bottom of this circle. Here the right wing and the left wing come together on almost everything again. Only here they are so radical they will murder anyone who doesn’t abide by their belief system.

We get so entrenched with what team we are on, we not only refuse to see the good the other team has, we also refuse to see the bad on our team.

The best way for me to show you this team attitude is for me to introduce you to the people I spoke about last week in this blog.

Remember the person who cut taxes and implemented national goals. What’s this person’s name? Well it’s actually two people, John F Kennedy, a Democrat and Ronald Reagan, a Republican. Ok, then if both the right and the left did the same thing which resulted in the same good thing happening, who is the person who grabbed power and started killing everyone?

Again this is more than one person and unfortunately there are so many I’m not sure whose name I should use. We could use Attila The Hun, an Asian Man or we could use Stalin, who killed around 62 million people, a white man. We could use Idi Amin, a black man. There are also women we could add to this list, but you get the point.

However, these names are on the left. Are there any people on the right? Again the names are so numerous I don’t know which ones to use. We could start with Pope Gregory IX  along with one Pope after another who came after him. We could also use kings driven by religious ideology.

The list of mad men is so long I could write for hours listing them. And if you think this lust for power is done by men only, think again. The atrocities women have committed when their power was unchecked are every bit as hideous and from both the right and the left.

If you think these atrocities are a thing of the past, again you are wrong. Right now, as we speak there are regimes on the left such as the Darfur Genocide in western Sudan as well as Isis on the right, killing people by the millions.

Now that you have seen how the left and the right are one and the same what do we do to stop a future genocide.

It is imperative we stick to the founding principles of America’s Constitution, which in a nutshell says that the individual has God-given rights given to them that no government can take away. No one can tell another person what religion they have to adhere to and our president saying this is the law because I say it is has to stop. As you have seen, it makes no difference whether they are Democrat or Republican.

You see, I told you that we as a people are much closer on virtually every subject, than we are apart. My life has taught me people are good. This means that the vast majority of us are at the top of the circle where we want good for other people, regardless of whether we are Republican or Democrat. I would say that is pretty close.

We the people have to stop this power grab before it is too late.

I finish where I began.

What do you do with your employees that are not producing and now are trying to divide you?

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