This is such a special time of year and Lady Linda and I are so thankful for our family. We are thankful that they live close and we can see our grandkids anytime we want to. We love just playing games with them and spending time with the whole family. I will share some photos of my birthday party on my Facebook page later this week.

We want to wish you and your families the Merriest of Christmases and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Now for this week’s story:

As many of you know, I played basketball for my High School’s team. I loved playing basketball, so after I graduated I continued playing pick-up ball for many years. In these pick-up games I played with many of the kids that played for our local High School team (Millbrook, NY). Because of this I knew these young players were extremely good. However, I found out that Millbrook’s team not only had a losing record, but they were losing virtually every game.

It made no sense to me that they were losing virtually every game. As I told you earlier, these were really good players. Once I left high school I didn’t attend high school games. However, I decided I would go to a game to see why my young friends were always losing.

I got to the game early and deliberately sat on the bleachers directly behind the coach. This allowed me to hear what he was saying to the team. The point guard, I’ll call him David, was a friend I played pick-up ball with. Because of this I knew he was really good, but I also knew him as a person.

The game started and during the first half the team was doing really well. David was running the offense and the team was easily winning the game. Then the second half started with the coach (a man I didn’t know) approaching the bench and saying to me, “I hate basketball.” Well, obviously this is not a good sign. The coach is the leader of this team and if he tells them that he hates the game, it doesn’t exactly instill confidence.  I said nothing back to him. Let’s face it, what could I say, other than you’re an idiot.

As the second half progressed Millbrook started playing worse and worse. Essentially nothing had changed. They were just playing bad now. Finally, their so-called coach called a time out. Instead of being way ahead the way they were in the first half, they were only a few points ahead.

When the team huddled around the coach, the huddle was directly in front of me. I could hear everything that was going on in that huddle. The coach said to his team, and this is a quote, “Here we go again. Millbrook freaks out and we lose.” I’ve never been a person who would sit back and not point out a wrong. Many times when speaking up, I have gotten myself in a lot of trouble. To this day, I am shocked that what I did, did not get me thrown out of the game.

When I heard the coach say this to the team, I stood up and started screaming at my friend David. I was screaming for him to get the heck out of that huddle and come over to me. I literally got in David’s face and was screaming. I said, and this is a quote, “I do not know the offense you are running. But it’s very obvious to me that you know it and know it extremely well. Hell you were winning the first half virtually the entire time easily. Now get the hell out there, run the offense and win this game.” Well, that’s exactly what David did.

This brings us to the point of this story. First, make sure that your leader is a true leader and will get the best out of you. Second, David and the rest of the team didn’t believe they could win, so they didn’t. If you believe in yourself and work really hard, you can make your dreams come true. Sometimes it takes awhile for your dreams to come true, but they will come true. Keep moving towards them.   

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