Learn To Program Your Own Mind or Someone Else Will #2

Welcome! Usually I tell you about things that have happened since the last blog, but learning to program your own mind is so important, that we are going to just jump right into the story.

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Now for this week’s story:

This is the second installment of “Learn to Program Your Mind or Someone Else Will.” Two weeks ago (4-6-22) I reposted the first installment of this series (the original post was on 1-6-21).  In that post, I told you that when you program your own mind it’s called Programming, however when someone else does it is called Brainwashing. I also told you that brainwashing is so easy to do that the only defense against being brainwashed is knowing how it is done and then knowing what to do to prevent it.

On 4-6-22, we spoke of the fact that one of the most effective ways to prevent brainwashing is to ASK QUESTIONS and then SEEK THE ANSWERS. We also spoke of two of the brainwashing techniques the Corporate media (90% of all the news in America is controlled by 6 massive corporations. Do you think they have your best interest in mind?) are using to control you. #1 Only give you the information they want you to have so they can control the outcome of your decision. #2 Fear, make you as afraid as they can. People make bad decisions when they are afraid.

This week I am going to talk about a mind programming/brainwashing technique that is unbelievably effective. This technique is so effective that I know the technique and I find it starting to work on me. I’ll think something and then say to myself “Neal you know that’s not true” but the technique is so effective they have me thinking it.

You’re probably asking yourself what is this technique and how do you defend yourself against it. #3 The third technique is say the information over and over and over. No matter how much someone else says anything against the information the con-artist is peddling, they just keep saying the information over and over. They also say this information in as many places as possible.

Why else do you think the Corporate media is using the exact same words, running the exact same stories regardless of whether you’re watching CNN, MSNBC, etc. Even The Fox Channel is starting to do it. This technique is great if the information is truthful, accurate information. However, if the information is false it can be devastating to the person being brainwashed.

Now how do you defend against it? #1 – Once you have the information stop listening to them. You don’t need to hear the same information over and over. #2 – Ask questions and seek out factual answers. If the factual information proves what the Corporate media is saying is false, never listen to what the Corporate media has to say on the subject again. If the information proves to be factual, continue listening from time to time to see if there is any new information. Continue checking the facts occasionally. You don’t have to check even close to everything, but if you catch them giving you false information, stop listening.

Case and point (make sure you look these things up yourself) the Corporate media has been telling us for four years Trump is a Russian puppet. They have said this over and over and over. No matter what information comes out that proves otherwise, they just keep saying Trump is a Russian puppet over and over and over. They also didn’t tell their viewers about any information that would let you know that their narrative was false.

Do you recognize the technique? #1 – False information, only give the people you’re trying to brainwash the information you want them to have so they will make the decision you want them to make. In this case the Corporate media wanted you and I to make the decision that Trump is a Russian puppet. #2 – Use emotion, (in this case) fear. #3 – Say the (in this case) false information over and over and over.

So what do we do to see if the Corporate media is reporting the facts or are they brainwashing us. #1 – Once you have the information that Trump is a Russian puppet, turn the news off. Do not listen to them say it over and over and over. Remember that the brain starts thinking something is true if it hears it over and over. #2 – Ask questions and seek factual answers. In the case of Trump being a Russian puppet I have a lot of questions.

Let’s start our questions like we started our questions with North Korea in my first blog on Program Your Own Mind or Someone Else Will posted on 1-6-21 and reposted on 4-6-22.

Remember I am not a Republican or a Democrat. I am an inventor. I cannot invent anything with false or incomplete information. Because of this I am only looking for the truth.

When I am talking to someone on the subject of Trump being a puppet of Russia’s leader Putin, I first ask them if I can ask some questions. They say yes. I then tell them that when I ask them a question there is no judgment. I am only looking for their honest opinion.

The first question I ask them is “Do you think Trump is an ego maniac?” They say emphatically “YES!” I say “ok. I personally think anyone sitting in the Oval Office almost has to be an ego maniac.” So I tell them I agree that Trump is an ego maniac. (When you are trying to deprogram someone, one of the techniques that you use is to find common ground. Find something you both agree on. In this case, Trump is an ego maniac).

The next question I ask is how much money (GDP) does Russia have? In other words how much is the country of Russia worth? The person or persons I am talking with tells me they don’t know. I tell them to look all of this up for themselves, but for now I will give them the answer. The answer is Russia is worth less than the State of New York. This means that Putin has less power than Governor Cuomo! (Cuomo was the Governor when Trump was President.)

I then say “So the Corporate media is telling us, that an ego maniac, who sits in the most powerful office the world has ever known, is allowing himself to be controlled by a man (Putin) who has less power than Cuomo. I highly doubt it!” In fact, I find it hysterical that someone thinks they can get me to think Trump would cower to Cuomo.

So the next question I have is why does the Corporate media want you to make the decision that Trump is a Putin puppet? They want you to allow the Democrats to remove Trump from office so he can’t look into the crimes they have been committing for fifty years or more.

Now that we have those questions asked and answered, the next question that I have is, is there any documentation that will tell me whether the Corporate media is telling me the truth or are they lying. Since this blog is getting extremely long we will talk about some of the documentation that is available in my next blog.

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