Learn To Program Your Mind or Someone Else Will #3

Welcome everyone! Hope you all had an amazing Easter/Passover holiday. We had a great time. Lady Linda put baskets together for all the grandkids and they had fun with all their goodies. Also our granddaughter, Jasmyn, turned 14, so we have had lots of fun with the grandkids in the past two weeks.

As far as The Doorway – To A Lifetime Of Freedom goes, we are still doing everything to prepare for contacting podcasts and contacting organizations regarding our workshops/classes. We now have an online media kit available on my website, www.nealbrownellthecrazyinventor.com.  If you know of any organizations, etc. that would like to have me speak, they can learn more about me and The Doorway on the website.

Now for this week’s story:

This is the third installment of “Learn to Program Your Mind or Someone Else Will.” In the first installment (4-6-22)  I told you that when you program your own mind it’s called Programming, however when someone else does it is called Brainwashing. I also told you that brainwashing is so easy to do that the only defense against being brainwashed is knowing how it is done and then knowing what to do to prevent it.

On 4-6-22, I also spoke of the fact that one of the most effective ways to prevent brainwashing is to ASK QUESTIONS and then SEEK THE ANSWERS. I also spoke of two of the brainwashing techniques the Corporate media (90% of all the news in America is controlled by 6 massive corporations. Do you think they have your best interest in mind?) are using to control you. #1 Only give you the information they want you to have so they can control the outcome of your decision. #2 Fear, make you as afraid as they can.

In the second installment (4-20-22) I spoke of a method that is unbelievably effective. This technique is so effective that I know the technique and I find it starting to work on me. I’ll think something and then say to myself “Neal you know that’s not true” but the method is so effective they have me thinking it.

#3 The third technique is – say the information over and over and over. No matter how much someone else says anything against the information the con-artist is peddling, they just keep saying the information over and over. They also say this information in as many places as possible.

The defense against it? #1 – Once you have the information stop listening to them. #2 – Ask questions and seek out factual answers. If the factual information proves what the Corporate media is saying is false, never listen to what the Corporate media has to say on the subject again. If the information proves to be factual, continue listening from time to time to see if there is any new information. Continue checking the facts occasionally.

I told you we would look at some of the factual information that has been in the public domain for years that proves the Corporate media is running a scam on you and me.

I won’t go into all the documentation in this blog that tells us the Democrats and the Corporate media are lying to us, because there is so much. However I will list a few.

1 – The Steele Dossier – in 2016 it was reported that this was first done as a smear campaign and then used to try and destroy Trump. At that time it was in the public domain that this dossier was paid for by the Clintons along with the DNC. However the corporate news continued all the way to the end of Trump’s Presidency. Have you noticed since Jan, 20, 2020 the DNC and the Corporate News has not been saying Trump is a Russian Spy.

This bring up another question, WHY! The Answer is that when someone is holding public office you can say anything you want about them and there is no recourse. However, now that Trump is a private citizen if you say something that is not true, he can sue. So they have to stop spreading the lies until he is back in office.

2 – The FISA Court Warrants – I don’t know when this was first reported, but it was years ago that when the FISA Warrants were applied for, the information was intentionally falsified in order to obtain the Warrants. After years of this being in the public domain the Corporate Media is now starting to report the FISA crimes.

I thought the Corporate Media was supposed to be on the cutting edge of reporting the news. This means they are supposed to be giving us news that is available as it becomes available. So, why did the Corporate Media wait years to give us the information? Remember, control the information you get so they can control your decision. In this case they controlled the information so we would decide Democrats Good – Republicans Bad – Trump Russian Spy throw him out of office.

The DNC and the Corporate Media went so far as to try and bring Trump up on charges of treason. Treason is punishable by death. Think about how scary this is, they deliberately gave us only enough information so we would make the decision to put an innocent man to death.

3 – The Congressional Hearings Documents – If you go back and look at the CHD’s you will find that when placed under oath the witnesses would not say Trump was a Russan Spy or anything else they would say about Trump when they were not under oath.

These are just the beginning of all the documents and discrepancies. We don’t have to like Trump, but we can’t use false information to find an innocent person guilty. The DNC and The Corporate Media are telling us if we listen to them we will be moving into a more enlightened world. It wasn’t that long ago that all you had to do was call someone a witch and the unenlightened put the innocent person to death. It seems to me the DNC and The Corporate Media are trying to get us to move back to an unenlightened day.

I’ll be back in my next blog with more information on how con artists (in this case politicians) run their cons (brainwashing) and how you can protect yourself from them.

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