Learn To Program Your Own Mind or Someone Else Will #5 – Part 2

Hope everyone is doing well. Lady Linda and I have been going to our grandkids’ games (soccer and baseball) and we also went to our granddaughter’s cheer showcase. It has been fun spending time with the family. #3 is our grandson Nathan who loves to play soccer.

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Now for this week’s story:

As the title indicates this is the second half of the 5th installment of “Learn To Program Your Mind Or Someone Else Will”. For those of you who haven’t been following this series, I started writing this because, if a person knows how the brainwashing/con-games are run they are far less likely to become a victim. If you would like to learn about the techniques that a brainwasher/con-artist uses and how to defend against them, please read the first 5 installments. The 5 installments are the last 5 entries to this blog, so they will be easy for you to find.

The technique I spoke about in my last blog was the technique of Divide! I showed you why the divide technique works incredibly well. I then spoke about ways that you can go about seeing through this illusion of we are divided.

1. Believe your own eyes.

2. If you find one of the networks lying to you, never trust them again.

3. Ask questions and seek out factual answers.

One of the things that a brainwasher/con-artist does not want you to do is to ask questions. They will go out of their way to tell you not to ask any questions and tell you the questions are silly and stupid. They want you to just accept that the   answer they are giving you is true. They will say and do any and everything in order to get you to stop questioning.

Let me see here, right now the government and corporations are telling us that the climate is changing and they are the only ones who can fix it. They tell you that you are an idiot if you question it. They publicly tell everyone how stupid you are. They tell you that you’re not even allowed to talk to other people about it. Whether you believe in climate change or not, this has con game written all over it. They have to have something that only they can fix. You and I aren’t going to fix the climate, now are we?

So let’s see what techniques they are using for their con game.

1. Emotion – For the climate change con game they are using FEAR. I was talking to my seven year old grandson and asked him what the school is teaching him about the climate. He started crying and said, we’re all going to die, I don’t want to die.

2. Move fast – If we don’t let the government solve this problem, we’re all dead.

3. Censor the information – I’ve already talked about this one. They won’t even let you talk about it, much less question it.

4. Stupid and incompetent – We’ve also talked about this one.

5. Shut you up – Tell the mark (you) not to listen to anyone else. They are the only ones that have the right information.

6. Put out only the information they want you to have.

7. Con-artists aren’t interested in solving the problem. Only to give the illusion that they are the only ones that can solve it.

As an inventor, solving the problem is the only thing I want to do. I could care less about what party or who is telling me, I just want to solve the problem. As far as climate change goes, whether it’s happening or not, is not the question. The question is what is causing it? POLLUTION, duh! We can do something about pollution, but you notice the con-artists aren’t talking about something that can actually be fixed.

First, we can tell our lying con-artist government to start doing their damn job. Tell China, India, and many other countries in the world, as well as multi-national corporations to start cleaning up their act. It’s not the people’s fault. It’s socialist dictatorships all over the world who are allowing crony capitalists to throw more plastic and other garbage into our ocean so they can make a buck.

In many cities in China, India, and other countries, on a clear beautiful day the crony capitalists are busy at work polluting the air so much that you can hardly see your hand in front of your face. Look it up online, as well as plastic pollution. It’s disgusting. You and I are being blamed for this, while they are the ones who are actually doing it. All we have to do is give up our freedom and allow them to supposedly fix the problem they caused.

I find it funny that they tell me they are the superior minds. As Captain Kirk said to Khan, in The Wrath Of Khan, “I’m laughing at the superior intellect.”

From here on out, as far as my blog goes, from time to time I will go into specific con games that are being run and show you why it is a con game. In the meantime, remember what Danny Reagan said in one of the Blue Bloods episodes. He was in one of the wars in the Middle East, I believe it was Iraq, and after being back here in the United States, he said to someone, With the exception of a few crazies, we all just want to go home and take care of our families. Don’t let the government and the corporate media divide us anymore. People are good. You are good. Always remember that.

In the meantime, for anyone who wants to teach someone to see through what the international corporate media and governments all over the world are doing, please feel free to use the information from this blog.

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