Learn To Program Your Own Mind or Someone Else Will #5

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day. We spent it with our son David and his family. We had a great time.

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Now for this week’s story:

As the title indicates this is the 5th installment of “Learn To Program Your Mind Or Someone Else Will”. For those of you who haven’t been following this series I started writing this because, if a person knows how the brainwashing/con-games are run they are far less likely to become a victim. If you would like to learn about the techniques that a brainwasher/con-artist uses and how to defend against them, please read the first 4 installments. The 4 installments are the last 4 entries to this blog, so they will be easy for you to find.

The technique I am going to talk about today is so obvious and yet it works unbelievably well. The technique is Divide! This technique works so well that people who know about this brainwashing/con-artist illusion, find it starting to work on them. This is because the brainwasher/con-artist uses many other techniques at the same time they are Dividing.

The brainwasher/con-artists will use all of the things I have spoken about so far and then some. Governments and international corporate media all over the world will use whatever it takes to Divide the people. Emotion, Misinformation, Repetition, Misdirection, Make it complicated, You need to move fast, the con-artist is the only one that can solve the problems their con-game is causing, you’re not smart enough to make a decision to fix the problem, you can’t even believe your own eyes so you can’t trust yourself, along with any and all other tools for brainwashing/con-artist games.

Think about what our government and the international corporate media are telling us. On a daily basis they are telling us Americans are bad. They pit men against women, heterosexuals against gays, transsexuals against non-transexuals, blacks against whites, whites and blacks against Hispanics, old against young, rich against poor, gun advocates against gun opposers, American lovers against American haters, climate change believers against non-climate change believers, abortion opposers against abortion advocates, religion against religion, religion against atheist, Republican against Democrats, and many more. Hell in the public eye these con-artists even put forth that governments are against international corporations.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, with each and everything listed above, who are they telling you is the only one who can solve it? GOVERNMENT.

You remember that government and inernational corporations don’t like each other, that is what they are telling us. However, international corporations that own roughly 90 percent of the news are telling us that government is what is going to take care of our problems.

The corporate news uses Emotion, Misinformation, Repetition, Misdirection, Make it complicated, You need to move fast, the con-artist is the only one that can solve the problems their con-game is causing, you’re not smart enough to make a decision to fix the problem, America is bad, the problem is too big, you don’t care about people, we are all divided, you can’t even believe your own eyes so you can’t trust yourself– see what I mean, I can keep going.

So how do you see through this illusion of we are divided?

1. Believe your own eyes. When you walk around do you see people with clubs beating each other over the head or do you see people treating each other with respect and courtesy? I don’t know about you, but my experience has been people opening doors for me, me opening doors for people, good morning, how are you, and so on.

2. If you find one of the networks lying to you, you can never trust them again unless you verify all the information they are giving you. You might as well move on and find someone that  is trustworthy. It will save you a lot of work.

For instance, I told you a story where the corporate media reported about a group of approximately 300 people marching through the streets screaming about how bad the cops are and that America is the worst country ever. Every major corporate news network ran this story for days. They were telling us, look how divided America is. This includes Fox. They interviewed our government officials who just kept repeating this information.

On that very same day that these 300 haters marched, my Lady Linda and I attended a Unity March celebrating America and all lives. This march was attended by somewhere between 20,000 and 30,000 people. However, the corporate media and our government never once mentioned the Unity March, with the exception of one snippet on the local evening news, there was nothing. An omission of facts is a lie. This is just one of thousands of lies the international corporate media and our government is spreading. I no longer listen to any one of them.

There are several news networks that I trust. I don’t know of any that don’t have some personal bias, but the ones I trust at least give me honest trustworthy information. I don’t make my decision on when they put their little opinion in there. You should find some networks that you trust, ones that have never given you false information passing it off as truth.

If anyone would like to know what ones I trust I will certainly tell you, but it’s not up to me to tell you what to trust and what not to trust. Don’t trust anyone that deliberately lies to you.

This is getting a bit long, so I will add other things to look for in two weeks. So until then my friends, stay Free!

In the meantime, for anyone who wants to teach someone to see through what the international corporate media and governments all over the world are doing, please feel free to use the information from this blog.

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