Welcome. I hope everyone is having a good year so far. I have scheduled several podcast interviews for the year and am looking forward to getting on more. The more podcasts I am able to get on, the more people we can all help by sharing this information to others. Our friend, Elizabeth Miles from The Power To Pivot podcast has contacted us about a new project that she wants to include me in. I will let you know more about all of this as the year goes on.

Now for this week’s story:

If you think you are alone, think again. There are millions of us and if you think there is nothing you can do to change things, think again. For the first time in human history we can scientifically easily change our lives for the better.

I had always thought that I was the only one who had parents that were abusive. I was wrong. Unfortunately a huge number of us have had really bad experiences growing up. Some people had horrible experiences from their parents, others from teachers or fellow students that were overbearing bullies. I have talked to so many people about their childhood and the trauma they are still carrying. Inside this trauma eats at us. Silently destroying our ability to live the good life we are meant to live.

For years I blamed my parents, the teacher, and the bullies for my inability to get past all the inner conflict they placed inside me. But, as I researched and studied how I might be able to get rid of the things these bullies placed in my head, I made a discovery. I discovered that my parents and other bullies were only acting out the negative toxic things that were placed in their heads by their parents and other bullies. This is when I discovered the Generational Curse. Up until right now in history past generations had no way of stopping and changing the toxic thoughts and negativity that they suffered from all of their lives. They just passed it on.

So the questions I had were: 1. How do I stop myself from suffering from this Curse? 2. How do I stop myself from passing it on to the next generation like my parents and their parents and all the generations down through history? It took me 50 years to figure it out and it turned out that by using modern day science it is extremely easy to break the Generational Curse. These techniques are so simple you can do them anywhere you are and at any time. Once you know them they don’t cost a penny to do. It is time you easily healed yourself.

My journey to discover how to get rid of the inner turmoil literally started when I was 11 years old. For the first 11 years of my life my parents, teachers, and bullies taught me I was worthless, stupid, useless, having no value of any kind. And then one teacher when I was 11 taught me my parents and the others were teaching me lies.

However, the lies had already been placed in my head. They played over and over and no matter what I did I could not get rid of this recording and the horrible way I felt about myself. From the outside people saw the illusion that I showed them. I was doing great. But, on the inside I was thinking I’m glad they don’t know the real me. I identified with the negative Neal and not at all with the positive. I was literally suicidal, not wanting to take one more step. I actually was looking forward to the day I died. Does this sound familiar? Is this where you are? If it does, you are not alone and, as I said before, for the first time in history science has found simple techniques where you can easily stop the recording in your head as well as how you internally see yourself. READ on to find out more.

In order for you to understand why these scientific techniques work so well and so easily, I will reiterate some of the things I have told you in other blogs. First your brain decides what is true and what is not. Once it decides what is true it is almost impossible to change its’ response. If someone tries to put new information in your brain that conflicts with what your brain thinks is true, it will reject it. When the brain rejects it, it literally turns the new information off and hears nothing. For this reason, in order for any new information to be placed in your brain and then get the brain to use this new information it has to be presented in an extremely elementary way. The simpler the presentation the better. This is because the brain can’t ignore simplicity. It wants to, but it looks at it and says it is so simple I can’t ignore it.

The next thing you need to know is you can’t take anything out of your brain. If something has been placed in your brain it is there for life. However, scientists have discovered that anything that has been placed in your brain can be easily filed so the brain no longer acts on this old information.

Scientists have proven the brain only uses the information it used the last time it experienced a similar situation. This means the last time you experienced a spider and you recoiled, the next time, even if it is 100 years later, the brain will tell you to recoil. However, if you input new positive information using these simple techniques, your brain will react using this new positive information. I myself have used these techniques and instead of recoiling from a spider, I now just smush it and keep going. These simple scientific techniques work fast.

As I said these scientific methods are simple and easy for you to apply in your everyday life. However, it would take me quite a while to explain. If you would go to my website I explain things in more detail and I have a complete FREE Freedom Book Bundle. At you will get everything you need to stop the toxic recording that’s running in your head and change the way you see yourself for good. There are only a few things you need to change your life forever – my book The Doorway – To A Lifetime Of Freedom, Healing Eye Movement, Mental Power and if you don’t know what you should be doing for a living I also have an Aptitude Finder to help find your natural talent.

I have more free bonuses but the most valuable to me was the book and the 3 free bonuses I mention above. These 4 things stopped my head from playing all those negative recordings every second of every waking moment of my life. It took me more than 50 years to figure all this out. Now you can have it all right now for only S&H of $9.95. Shorten YOUR JOURNEY TO FREEDOM. Get your FREE Freedom Book Bundle Today at  


The Doorway – To A Lifetime Of Freedom

You can now have it …! Walk through The Doorway – To A Lifetime Of Freedom and you  can live All Your Dreams!

The Doorway – To A Lifetime Of Freedom was written for all those people who are carrying life-long baggage that they have accumulated from abuse, bullying, bad relationships, and other traumatic events.

For the first time in history science has proven that you no longer have to carry your accumulated baggage. Unlike all the generations that came before us, now you can put it down and leave it behind for good.

The Doorway – To A Lifetime Of Freedom uses both simple scientific techniques and shares deep life-altering personal experiences.  It shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can easily overcome all your obstacles, whatever they may be, so you can achieve your life-long dreams!

Hi, I’m Neal Brownell The Crazy Inventor.

You might be asking yourself, how do I know that these scientific techniques work? I know because these were the techniques that were used on me to get past the enormous baggage that I used to carry.

Baggage such as being taught by the very people that were supposed to love me the most that I was worthless, having these same people rent me out to a pedophile so they could make money, as well as other abuses. If these techniques got rid of the enormous trauma I was carrying, just think what they will do for you.

Readers of The Doorway have been known to experience more fulfillment and happiness than they ever have before. They have been able to take control of their own life and now you can too!

Read The Doorway – To A Lifetime Of Freedom Today!

Get your FREE copy of The Doorway – To A Lifetime Of Freedom along with the complete FREE Freedom bundle for a limited time only today at

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Neal Brownell The Crazy Inventor


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