How Con Artists Make Victims Feel

Welcome! Hope your year is going well so far. I am continuing to speak at our school board. You know as well as I do, that everybody is screaming at everybody and nobody is hearing anybody. This is exactly what the con artists in the 1% – the ultra-rich, governments, and massive corporations – not only want, but in many cases are causing to happen.

Because of this I decided to go in front of the school board and teach them why I believe what I believe. My goal is to get people to hear one another. People are good. You’ve never heard anyone in the education field say, “this will destroy our kids, let’s do it.” No you haven’t. So why are people making a different decision, they’re working with different information. So I am going in front of the school board and teaching them the information I have.

There was a lot of resistance when I first started. Nobody wanted to hear me, but I’ve studied communication and I know how to say something to get someone to hear it. Even if they didn’t want to hear it. Because of this, over a period of nine speeches when I actually taught, the school board has slowly but surely (at least some members) started to hear me. To the point that some of them approached my Lady Linda and asked her where we were on January 10, since we were unable to attend that meeting. They continued and told her that had we not shown up at this meeting that they were going to call us and find out where we were.

Here are a couple of links to the school board videos   

Please like and share these videos to your friends. It is imperative that the information on how to get people to hear each other gets out there. Thank you.

Now for this week’s story:

I hate con artists. I don’t care who they are. I don’t care what team they are on. Such as Right Wing, Left Wing, or any other teams. Con games are not cute. They hurt people. Destroying many people’s lives.

One of the many hideous things about con games is how the victim feels once they find out they are a victim. These con artists, specifically in our government as well as the 1% wealthy and massive international corporations are really good at running their cons. This allows them to spin an illusion that the victim sees as real.

This is not the victim’s fault this is the fault of cunning predators. They take advantage of human (YOU) nature.

However, once the victim finds out that they are a victim, they’re embarrassed. They feel like they should have been able to know better. Thinking to themselves I’m an idiot for falling for the con.

If the victim didn’t know how the con game was run in the first place it is highly likely that they were going to fall for it. It has nothing to do with intelligence. Watch a magician perform his illusions. It makes no difference how smart you are, you see the illusion. The same thing with the con artists. Con artists are not smarter than you, they just know how to manipulate good people. 

So, if you did know it was a con game and you did not know how it was run, you should never be upset with yourself for falling for one. Never be embarrassed. In fact, the way I handle con artists is much the same way people in positions of power do. People like, your boss, CEO’s, and of course, I’m not suggesting we kill any one, mob bosses. Every last one of them get rid of the con artists the second they find out.

Stop voting for any con artist that tells you they are taxing international corporations to help you and the poor. I have a blog showing how this con works and that everyone gets hurt except the government and the massively wealthy. By doing simple math 1 + 1 + 1 you will see through this con. Stop voting for any con artist who tells you that America is the worst country ever, because she had slavery. Yet again you can see through  this con with simple math. America got rid of slavery in 89 years and I could argue that she started getting rid of it the moment the Declaration of Independence was signed. Eighty-nine years is faster than any other civilization in history.

These con artists are literally trying to steal the greatest most powerful nation that ever existed and they need your help to do it. The government needs you to be uneducated. Fight back, educate yourself. Learn how America works with her Constitution and learn how the con artists run their cons so you will see through them. Once you find out someone in our government is a con artist, get rid of them. Once you find out someone in the one percent or corporate giants is a con artist, stop listening to them. In other words get rid of them. Stay free, my friend.


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