Welcome Friends! Interesting side note – I was watching something about ancestry and for the first time in my life I did the math. You have 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents, 16, 32 and so on and so on. If you keep doubling this every generation, we only have to go back 34 generations, which is only 680 years and we have so many ancestors that we are literally related to every other person on this planet. Treat your brothers and sisters well.

I want to apologize for not posting last week. Lady Linda and I both had a nasty stomach bug. We hope you and your family don’t get it.

I talked in a previous blog about a project that our friend Elizabeth Miles of The Power To Pivot podcast and March Forth Media wants me to be a part of. She has started an online magazine called March Forth – The Magazine in which she wants me to write an ongoing article.

When Lady Linda asked Elizabeth about the magazine, Elizabeth told her that the goal was to create conditions that led to positive progress in the world. As you can see, we are both on the same page. Elizabeth has also asked me to come back on her podcast and will be assisting us in the marketing area. Check out The Power To Pivot Podcast https://www.thisiswhereyoupivot.com/the-power-to-pivot-podcast  and also March Forth – The Magazine  https://www.discountmags.com/magazine/march-forth-the-issue-1-winter-2023-digital-m

We (Lady Linda and I) have been blessed to have a book, The Doorway – To A Lifetime Of Freedom, that is reaching all age groups. We spent a great deal of time and money that we didn’t have coming up with the first cover (the title was You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It!) which looked very much like a children’s book. Children fell in love with it, adults wouldn’t read it. Because of this we spent a great deal of time and money that we didn’t have developing The Doorway – To A Lifetime Of Freedom.

Recently it has come to our attention that adults want The Doorway and children want You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It!, so we are releasing them both. You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It! is being re-released as “You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It! – the children’s version of The Doorway”.

Next Friday Dave Pamah of The Dave Pamah Show has invited me to be a guest on his podcast. I will let you know more details after it has been recorded.

Now for this week’s story:

If you were a con artist in the Government or a 1%er and you wanted to destroy a community, what cons would you run? The following are the tools I would use. I list them in no particular order because these tools can be applied in a plethora of different ways.

I would tell all the kids in the community that I love them more than their parents.

I would tell them that all their problems are because of their parents, especially that useless bastard of a father. Any parent, male or female, that disciplines the child is bad.

However, as a con artist I can’t just tell them, I have to show them an appealing illusion.

I would use the most powerful and addictive drug the world has ever known. “Money”. “See, your parents don’t love you enough to give you free money, but I do.” I would only give my victim enough money to barely get by.

I would tell the kids that if a girl gets pregnant I will pay for the baby. I will pay for them to have a place to live. I will pay for theirs’ and their babies’ food.

I will pay for their medical bills. “See I love you more than your parents.”

I would tell my victims that if they try and make money of any kind I will immediately take all the money away.

I would severely limit my victims’ education.

I would force all the school age kids up to age 16 to attend schools within the community I was destroying.

The kids 16 and older I would encourage to drop out of school.

I would import every drug possible into the community.

I would import gangs and crime into the community.

I would have drug dealers go around giving out free samples of drugs. Telling  my victims, who are mostly children, this drug will take your misery away.

Gangs, Drugs and Crime also destroys the appeal for large or small business to invest in the community. No business, no jobs. No jobs means my victims are totally dependent on the meager crumbs I give them.

You notice so far I haven’t given any money to the boys. This is because men have evolved over time to be the papa bear. Papa Bears protect the family and are the first to run at danger. (Just a side note, the Momma Bear is heading for the children to get them out of the immediate danger. Both roles are vital and if you get past Papa Bear I wish you luck dealing with Momma Bear protecting her children.)

Because the men have no money in order to take care of the one thing they love the most, their families, they go looking for a job. They find no job except with the drug dealers. The choice they have is to work for the drug dealer or become a drug dealer themselves. This leads to the men either being arrested and thrown in prison or dying at a very young age. Getting the women addicted to the drug called money (this means they don’t need the man to survive) and getting the men killed or thrown in prison removes them from the family unit. Destroying the family.

I would find a fictional boogeyman that I can convince the community that it’s their fault that all these bad things are happening.

I would tell the community that anyone who said what I was doing was a con, that they are lying. If they want their money to keep flowing, then they better ignore him.

Because I imported drugs and gangs (organized crime) into the community, gun violence is rampant. I tell the community that it’s the guns’ fault and it’s the boogeyman’s fault for allowing the guns. So I confiscate all the guns from the law-abiding citizens so they are defenseless. If possible, right now it’s not, but it has been in the not so distant past, I would also remove the dogs and the hunting knives from the law-abiding citizens. I would tell the community that the police will protect them.

When the police come in and try to defend the law-abiding citizens from the criminals, and one of the criminals is killed, I would start screaming and yelling about how bad the police are. Telling the community they need to defund the police so they don’t have the money to defend the law-abiding citizens. This leaves the law-abiding citizens 100 percent at the mercy of the criminals.

I would lie, I would cheat, I would hold back any information which would help the community see through my con.

I would put mom and pop businesses out of business through regulations such as raising the minimum wage. Mom and pops can’t afford to pay the higher wage. As a side note, raising minimum wage puts mom and pop out of business and at the same time it gets rid of competition for corporations. Corporations just raise the price on the things they are selling. This means the person getting the minimum wage increase is now paying more for the goods they buy. This makes it, at best, no wage increase at all. At worst they are paying more for the goods than their increase in wages, making them poorer. The corporations get richer. The politicians get richer by receiving money from the corporations to pass the regulations. You and me and everybody else is hurt, especially the poor.

I would be patient, because this is going to take time. It will probably take a decade or so. But once I get the people distressed and desperate enough, without an education to think their way out of the misery that I set up for them, the community will never be able to get out of this situation.

I would make the drug dealers and the criminals pay me to be able to run their businesses in this community. This way I have a steady stream of income and I wind up enormously rich from destroying this community and keeping it down.

I would constantly over and over tell the victims that I am really trying to fix things. I would tell the victims that it’s a really difficult problem that they cannot solve because they are not smart like me, but with time I will solve it. Keep them confused. I cannot stress the importance of constant repetition here.

Why would I run this con? What’s in it for me? Charging the thugs. Once the communities I set out to destroy are now destroyed, I want to be even richer and to control more people, so this means I have to destroy more communities. Easy peasy. As long as you don’t know my con, this will be really easy for me. I would cut off as much communication between people as I possibly could. Anyone who spoke against me, I would demonize and destroy in any way I could.

I would import anyone who spoke a different language so they couldn’t communicate. I would tell anyone who didn’t accept these new people whether they were thugs and criminals or anyone else, that they should be ashamed of themselves because they are prejudiced against these groups.

I would get the people to pick a side that they think is against the boogeyman. Once people pick a side the brain does not want to change sides. This allows me to keep my victims and add parts to my con. Such as black lives matter, antifa, and now ms13. I don’t know if you noticed, but I did not capitalize these groups. This is because they don’t deserve the respect capitals would give them. I also don’t know if you noticed, but each part I added gets increasingly violent.

I would pay community leaders to demand more money from the boogeyman and  less police. I would tell the community leaders to start riots and burn down the community if they didn’t get their extortion. Ask yourself how did Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson get rich while the communities they supposedly care about have gotten poorer and poorer? Also ask yourself how did a young Barack Hussein Obama get rich right out of college while he was representing a community that is now worse off than before he showed up?

The items I have listed above are just off the top of my head on the cons that have been run throughout my life on the inner cities here in America. As you can see by the destruction of our inner cities, this con is extremely successful in destroying people’s lives while making the con artists in our government and 1 percent very rich. No two cons are alike, but see if you recognize… To be continued in my next blog


The Doorway – To A Lifetime Of Freedom

You can now have it …! Walk through The Doorway – To A Lifetime Of Freedom and you  can live All Your Dreams!

The Doorway – To A Lifetime Of Freedom was written for all those people who are carrying life-long baggage that they have accumulated from abuse, bullying, bad relationships, and other traumatic events.

For the first time in history science has proven that you no longer have to carry your accumulated baggage. Unlike all the generations that came before us, now you can put it down and leave it behind for good.

The Doorway – To A Lifetime Of Freedom uses both simple scientific techniques and shares deep life-altering personal experiences.  It shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can easily overcome all your obstacles, whatever they may be, so you can achieve your life-long dreams!

Hi, I’m Neal Brownell The Crazy Inventor.

You might be asking yourself, how do I know that these scientific techniques work? I know because these were the techniques that were used on me to get past the enormous baggage that I used to carry.

Baggage such as being taught by the very people that were supposed to love me the most that I was worthless, having these same people rent me out to a pedophile so they could make money, as well as other abuses. If these techniques got rid of the enormous trauma I was carrying, just think what they will do for you.

Readers of The Doorway have been known to experience more fulfillment and happiness than they ever have before. They have been able to take control of their own life and now you can too!

Read The Doorway – To A Lifetime Of Freedom Today!

Get your FREE copy of The Doorway – To A Lifetime Of Freedom along with the complete FREE Freedom bundle for a limited time only today at www.thedoorwaybook.com

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