50 Years with the Wrong Woman!

Welcome! Hope your week has gone as well as ours! We always like to tell you who is in the photo of the week. This is a photo taken when Lady Linda and I were married. The other young lady in the photo is Linda’s Aunt Louise (who was 88 at the time). She gave Linda away, since Linda’s Mom had gone to the spirit world before we met. It was another busy week at Knowledge Is Freedom Publishing (in case we haven’t mentioned before, this is our publishing company. It is the company that we published You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It! through.).

As we told you last week, two of the podcasts that I was a guest on were aired – Be Awesome with Dr. Kristina Hallett and Heroes Like You with Joe Belliston. We want to thank Kristina and Joe for the honor of being a guest on their shows. Our tech guru, Shane will be creating videos of them so that we can share them in various ways, but he has been busy this week creating our Gift Shop on www.youreamazingandillproveit.com It is truly AMAZING! We did the final steps with him on Monday to get the Shop up and running and ready to take orders! At this point we have the book available in paperback, hard cover, and digital form, as well as two different styles of t-shirts. We will be adding more t-shirts and other products soon. If you have any ideas of products that you would like to see offered, please contact me.

Now for this week’s story:

Lady Linda and I were talking today about our upcoming wedding anniversary on March 19th. We have been married for 15 years and together for 18 years. It brought to mind a story that we heard a few years ago.  A nurse that we personally know was working at a nursing home and it was her first day on the job. She was taking care of a male patient who kept saying “50 years with the wrong woman”.

She took care of this gentleman and then went to take care of a female patient. The lady said she wanted to give her some advice. She told the nurse, “never get married”. The beautiful part about this story is that these two individuals both had a great sense of humor, were married to each other, and loved each other dearly. What a wonderful gift.

You can buy my book, You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It! on Amazon in paperback and Kindle and now You’re Amazing! as well as t-shirts and other products is available on www.youreamazingandillproveit.com . If you have already read You’re Amazing! I would greatly appreciate you giving it a review on Amazon (If you would like, we have a little form that walks you through the simple step-by-step review process. Just send me an email and I will send it to you.) It will help us spread the message of positive self-esteem and self-acceptance. All of us together can heal the world one person at a time.

As always, I welcome your comments and stories. If you would like to follow my blog, please click on the plus (+) sign in the upper left-hand corner of this page. See you next week!

Neal G. Brownell






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Guest on – Be Awesome Podcast with Dr. Kristina Hallett (air date 3-3-20)                                           

                  Heroes Like You Podcast with Joe Belliston (air date 3-5-20)

                  Let’s Live! with Thurman Greco – Woodstock, NY cable TV – Nov. 2019

                  Beyond Risk and Back Podcast with Aaron Huey (air date TBD)

                  Which Way? Podcast with Shari and Jann Simmons (air date 1-10-20)

                  The Empowered Whistleblower with Dawn Westmoreland (air date TBD)

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