What is the most efficient government?

How is everyone doing? I hope everyone is staying healthy. Our tech guru Shane has told us that he wants to offer the You’re Amazing class that I teach as a FREE webinar online. We can’t shoot it in front of a live crowd right now because of the health crisis. Due to this, we are going to have our good friend, who is an awesome photographer and videographer, Matt Yerkes, film it for us at a conference room. So that is our focus this week, practicing and preparing for the class. We will let you know when it is up and running.

As you know, my screen name is Neal – The Crazy Inventor and I do have the aptitudes of an inventor. There are many things about an inventor that I can tell you, but for this blog the only thing that is important is that, as an inventor, I want to know how and why different governments work the way they do.

I’m not going to go into every government in this blog. I will go down through different governments in different blogs. I will tell you as an inventor whether the particular government I am talking about is a government that I want to live under. But I’m also not going to tell you whether this is a government that you should or should not desire to live under. I’m just going to tell you about the particular government and how It works.

Because of the medical issue that is going on in the world right now –  I have to write it that way, because if I write it another way, this blog could be blocked – I’ll start with the government of the origin of the medical crisis that is going on in the world today. We all know what country this is and we all know what their government system is. So. the question is how does the government of the point of origin of the health crisis in the world today work?

It is a very simple and extremely efficient governmental system. One person (man/woman) at the top makes all the rules. They have a small number of people in their immediate circle that serve as advisors and enforcers of the rules this one person makes. In this system, the rules that this one person makes tend to be very, very simple. If this person at the top does not give the individual the right to do it, it is illegal. Also, at any given second whatever rights that they had given you can be revoked.

The government owns everything including the three things that you and you alone own. However, when you live under this type of government, you no longer own these 3 things even though they were given to you by God/any word you want to use for a higher power. The three things that you own and you alone own, that under this system of government you no longer own, are your spirit, mind, and body. For instance, they can literally take your right to breath away and kill you for no reason whatsoever.

What is the financial system of this type of government of the point of origin of the health crisis in the world today? Well, because the government owns everything (your body, your wife, your children, your home, etc.) then the government controls 100% of the money. So, the government takes 100% of the money that you earn, which means that you didn’t earn anything, and decides how much they are going to give you back.

Of course, there is a price the individual pays for living under this system where the government controls everything. If the one person at the top decides that nobody deserves any money, nobody gets any money. If the one person at the top decides that nobody gets health care, nobody gets health care. If the one person at the top decides that they don’t like a certain group of people and they want them all dead, they kill them all. As I said at the beginning, a very efficient system.

As an inventor, possibly the most valuable thing I have is information/different points of view. In the  government system that we are discussing, the one person at the top tells everyone under their rule what they can and cannot say, what they can and cannot believe, what they can and cannot learn, what their occupation will be ( they will decide that for you). You may be in a job you hate and you are in it for the rest of your life and there is no way out. This means that no one in this society is allowed to dream or allowed to grow and become more than you are when you first step out of your crib. The government decides whether you grow or not.

Dreaming is what makes us magnificent. It’s what makes us creators. Growing in knowledge is one of the basic reasons that we are here on this earth. Under the system we are talking about, the creators and the inventors are the ones that the government kills or they wind up committing suicide because they cannot achieve what they were meant to.

Under this system, the government decides what is true and what is not true. I’ve done some research on this health crisis, and in the country of the point of origin for the crisis the government knew that this was a major problem in December 2019. However, instead of taking care of it right then and there, they decided the truth was it didn’t exist. So, because this government decided that reality didn’t exist, thousands and thousands of people around the world have died.

This government is now telling us that the truth is approx. 4,500 people have died in the entire country of the point of origin as of 4-17-20. When the fact is in one city alone, not only are their crematoriums working at full capacity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but the government has shipped 40 mobile crematoriums and they are also working 24/7. The local people have reported that the government has been burning bodies in open pits. So, we all know 4,500 deaths is ridiculous, but the government controls what the truth is, so the truth is 4,500 people died.

I also want to know, under this type of government how many inventions are created? Well if you have one person controlling all the information, all of the money, all of the time of the people under this person’s rule (telling them when to work, when not to work). It’s not surprising that very few inventions come out of the societies that are ruled by this type of government.

So as an inventor, anything that stops me from dreaming and trying to achieve, I will reject. So, I reject this type of government. But that is my opinion, tell me yours in the comments below. The Fact is that we are all creators – every last one of us. Anything that stops you from dreaming is evil.

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