Learn The Game of Life – Stretching/Flexibility

Welcome! This week’s Learn The Game of Life story is about stretching and keeping your flexibility. I know that many of us, no matter how old you are, can use this information, especially with all the snow and ice. I am sure that many of you are shoveling, having to clean off your roofs, etc. and stretching is extremely important to keep your flexibility. You can do it while you are watching television or listening to music and some stretching every day will help you after you have shoveled that long driveway or cleaned a foot of snow off your roof. Be safe in the storms.

Now for this week’s story:

One of the things that I have always been able to do is to see value in other people. Because of this when I was a young boy I liked to hang out with older people. I figured that they had wisdom that comes with time and I could save time by learning this wisdom from them. The reason I am writing this blog series, Learn The Game of Life, is to pass on some of the knowledge I have accumulated during my 62 years to everyone.

Stretching/flexibility – One of the lessons I learned from older people when I was young was to keep my flexibility. Without flexibility our bodies become more and more brittle. Until the day will come when you step wrong, pick something up wrong, or fall. When this happens, instead of your body’s flexibility helping to protect you,  a muscle or a ligament will tear. You may also break a bone, such as a hip.

You don’t have to go crazy stretching, but you should do some. The older people who were in their eighties did some light stretching every day. There are so many ways to stretch properly that I can’t possibly put them all in here. I would recommend you go to a website that features stretching.

If you find this information valuable, please pass it on to your loved one. This way you can help them protect themselves from injuries that happen because of lack of flexibility. Also if you would forward this message, together we can help millions of people become more flexible and escape injury.

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You’re Amazing And I’ll Prove It!

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