Learn To Program Your Own Mind Or Someone Else Will #4

Welcome! I hope everyone is doing well. It looks like we finally have the marketing plan for The Doorway – To A Lifetime Of Freedom ready to launch. It’s only taken 4 extremely long years. Altogether we have nine years that we have been working on The Doorway project. So if you have a project that you are working on that is taking longer than you think it should, hang in there. You’ll make it.

Have a great Memorial Day! Be sure to honor those who have died in the service of our country to keep us free. The gentleman in the photo above is Lady Linda’s grandfather. His father and two uncles served in the U.S. Civil War, but thankfully all of them returned home.

Now for this week’s story:

When I first started writing this series about brainwashing/con-artists, I didn’t put the techniques of corporate media (international corporations and governments all over the world) are using against us in any particular order. This is because like any recipe, the recipe to how to control the way you think has many pieces which can be mixed and matched to fit the agenda they are pushing. So far we have covered – Emotion – the example I gave you was fear, but they can use any emotion; Move Fast, and Repetition.

In my first 3 blogs I also showed you how to see through these illusions. So to recap, you can read the 3 installments of Learn to Program Your Own Mind.

The next techniques that I am going to expose are, Use big numbers, Use uncommon words, and Misdirection.

Use big numbers – for some reason the brain has a difficult time relating to large numbers. The brainwasher/con-artist knows this, so they will go out of their way to use big numbers. I have heard it said many times, the bigger the crime the more likely the thief will get away with it. Whereas, the thief that robs the local convenient store goes to prison.

Use words that are not commonly used– the brain doesn’t want to admit it doesn’t know something. It starts thinking a person using this uncommon word must be smarter than they are. They think if they are smarter than me, then I should let them make the decision. This is exactly what the brainwasher/con-artist wants. They want you to let them make the decision. Once you let them make the decision, they have control over you.

Use misdirection: The brainwasher/con-artist will tell you there is nothing to see here, but there is over there. So go look over there, don’t look here.

Now how do you see through these illusions? First, stop worrying about how big the number is and ask yourself, does what the brainwasher/con-artist is saying make any sense?

Second, never think someone else is smarter than you. If there is a word or words someone is using that you don’t know, ask them what it means. When I do this, many times the con-artist can’t tell me. If they can tell me, then I ask other questions. I ask why they are using this particular word when a more commonly used word would work. I even give them examples. This in return tends to send the con-artist looking for a mark other than me. Brainwashers/con-artists want their job of controlling a person to be easy. If you are too difficult for them, then they move on.

If someone tells you not to look you should most definitely look.

I have told you before, I am not a Republican or a Democrat. If you broke the law then you should pay the price. An example of two con-artists using the above three techniques is something Bill and Hillary Clinton did when they were in office.

When I am talking to someone about the con-game that the Clintons ran, I start poking holes in the Clintons’ illusion by starting with Watergate.

In the early 1970s when President Nixon was in office, he stole 1 FBI file (little number). For this he was demonized and probably would have been thrown out of office, had he not stepped down. After telling them about Nixon, I then ask some questions. Remember, asking questions is one of the main ways to see through a con-game.

First question: Why was Nixon stealing one FBI file so bad? Most people cannot answer my question. I tell them to look it up, but for now I will give them the answer. Stealing an FBI file would allow Nixon to blackmail that person. This in return could give him absolute control over that person.

Next question: Should Nixon have been removed from office? Answer: Everyone gives me an emphatic YES!

Remember we are working on exposing the con of using big numbers, words that are not commonly used, and misdirection.

After talking to them about Nixon, I then ask them if they were aware that the Clintons stole 900 (big number) FBI files. At the time I was wondering why Nixon should have been removed from office for 1 FBI file, but it was no problem that the Clintons stole 900. However, the corporate media was telling me not to look, there was nothing here. Look over there, it’s the mean Republicans that are corrupt (Misdirection).

One file was easily comprehended, but 900. How could anyone steal 900 files. It can’t be true. When asked about it, the Clintons said it was a snafu (uncommon word). When was the last time you heard someone use the word snafu.

Use large numbers, uncommon words, and misdirection and the con-artist knows there is a good chance they will get away with their con.

Now that you know how the brainwasher/con-artist uses these techniques to control you, you can mount a defense against them.

I will talk about another mind programming/brainwashing technique in my next blog. In the meantime, for anyone who wants to teach someone to see through what the mainstream corporate media and governments all over the world are doing, please feel free to use the information from this blog.

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